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Time to Begin Winterizing Your Home!

Keeping warm

With cooler temperatures quickly approaching, the smart homeowner knows that preparing their home against the damage winter brings is the best option for conserving their home’s value. Preventative care is key to maintaining a consistent comfort level throughout one of nature’s harshest seasons. Homeowners benefit by following the following tips

Durham, NC Winterization TipsAvoid Drafts
Nothing is more uncomfortable than a home with drafts. In addition, a drafty home drains energy. Drafts take up to 30% of a home’s energy resources. Homeowners should seek the advice of an HVAC professional to determine any sources of drafts that may be in the home and to determine if these drafts are causing false readings on the thermostat. Taking action before the coldest weather arrives ensures comfort throughout the season and energy savings.

Maintain Ductwork and Filters
Drafts are not the only potential energy drain on the average home. Ducts within the infrastructure of the home require maintenance to make sure airflow is sufficient and unobstructed. Improperly maintained ductwork has the potential for harboring excess dust, mold and other allergens.

Filters are an important part of protecting the air quality of the home during the winter months. They allow the heating system to operate more efficiently by keeping out airborne contaminants and add to the efficiency of the ductwork.

Insulate Pipes
Frozen pipes are by far one of the most inconvenient and hazardous side effects of winter months. Having a pipe freeze prevents the homeowner from using the most essential of creature comforts-water. A burst pipe causes damage to multiple areas of the home and is costly to repair. To prevent this common winter issue, an HVAC professional will make sure that all pipes that they determine would benefit from insulation are treated. This seemingly simple fix will protect the home from the major damage that will happen if pipes are unprotected from a deep freeze.

Maintain or Replace the Heating System
It is important for homeowners to have their heating system checked every season as preventative maintenance. There are times when inefficient airflow is the symptom of a system that needs repair or replacement. Keeping the system maintained on a regular basis saves the homeowner money in energy expenditures not only in winter, but throughout the year. Even if the unit requires replacement, the savings of installing a more efficient system will account for greater cost savings in the future and provide the homeowner with confidence and comfort all year long.

Finally, homeowners should establish a relationship with a reputable HVAC company. By doing this, responsible residents guarantee their home’s value, comfort, safety, and cost savings throughout the seasons.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Durham, NC home, call Green Horizon at (919) 646-3639 today.