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Considering a Humidifier for Your Home

Benefits of Humidifiers for the Fall and Winter Months

When we notice a crisp breeze in the air, you know that fall and winter is upon us. It is a wonderful season for enjoying apple cider and then building snowmen!

However, during these seasons you also want to ensure that those you care about are protected, particularly children and the elderly so it is important to take a few precautions to ensure their good health and avoid being prone to infection, particularly with flu season.

Moist Air

The air we breathe inside a home should be kept moist, particularly as the fall and winter season approaches. By simply adding a humidifier to your home, it can help to ensure this.

This system adds enough moisture to rooms so it helps to ward off dry skin and eyes and it generally makes individuals feel and breathe better when suffering from the flu or the common cold.

Fall and Winter Dryness

An adequate amount of moisture added to our inside air makes one simply feel more comfortable. However during fall and winter air turns extra dry (particularly in very cold climates or the desert), so it can make for difficult breathing and be bothersome for skin.

The dry air breathed in can reduce body fluids and cause issues such as bronchitis, dehydration, respiratory problems (like asthma), and many suffer from frequent nosebleeds. Our skin moisture also seems to disappear during these seasons, additionally causing irritation and even flaking on skin.


Problems like itchy skin, annoying cracked lips, and sinus problems can be reduced by increasing the humidity in a home.

Humidified air can make a household more comfortable and smooth issues that are due to indoor dry air. Also when suffering from a dry cough due to cold or sinus issues, often nothing else can soothe you quite like a humidifier can.

Central Humidifiers

For true air quality comfort, consider a central humidifier unit. These are built into a home’s existing cooling and heating system. Unlike a portable humidifier unit, this system provides humidity to the entire home and they are available in several kinds such as a drum, flow-through model and a steam/mist which can cost more however it is very effective while needing less maintenance.

Contact an HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) service to ask about this unique system. Usually, a representative can recommend the most efficient model after visiting and evaluating your home.

Knowing about the humidity in your Durham home is important. Call Green Horizon One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (919) 646-3639 to learn more about your options!