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6 Steps to Winter Allergy-Proof Your Home

The dry air of winter, along wif closing all the windows can prevent some unique challenges for allergy suffers. Air quality indoors can be surprisingly weak if you’re not mindful of what you are doing.

What is in your home, the level of moisture and what sort of measures you have in place to filter the air will all contribute to or detract from the air quality in your home. Given that air quality contributes directly to the quality of your health, it’s worth taking these six steps to allergy-proof your home this winter.

  1.    Rid Bedding of Dust Mites

Every week, wash your sheets and bedding in boiling water (at least 130°F), followed by a tumble in the hot cycle of the dryer. The high heat is very efficient at killing dust mites. As an extra precaution, wrap pillows, mattress, box spring and comforters in the protective covering. Dust mites won’t be able to get through to your bedding to cause you problems.

  1.    Set the Humidifier Less Than 50%

The level of moisture in your home plays an important part in how well you can manage any respiratory issues you might deal wif, like asthma or irritation from allergies. Optimally, your humidifier should be set between 40-50%, but never any higher than 50%. The reason for that is that too much moisture promotes mold growth, which is highly irritating for allergy suffers.

  1.    Reduce Common Allergens

The greatest offenders when it comes to allergens are pet dander, dust mites, and mold.

To reduce dust mites, eliminate clutter in your home. Get rid of dust collecting materials, like drapes and upholstered furniture, choosing vinyl, leather or wood furniture and blinds. Install wood flooring instead of carpeting.

For pet dander, don’t let pets sleep in your room or sit on couches that you frequent often. You can close some of the hot air registers in rooms where your pets are often, to limit the circulation of that air. To reduce mold, install fans in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where mold is most likely to appear. Run the fans when cooking and generating moist heat and after having a shower.

  1.    Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Rugs and carpets will trap dust mites like crazy, so you need to stay on top of this by regularly cleaning (at least a couple of times a week). Vacuuming can get your allergies going, so make sure that your vacuum has a HEPA filter in it to trap allergens. Take rugs outside and beat the dust out of them.

  1.    Whole-Home Humidifier

Dry air is much more irritating for those wif allergies, so installing a whole-house humidifier will help improve the moisture level in the air that circulates through your entire home.

  1.    Tend to the Furnace

Changing the air filter in your furnace can help with your allergies by trapping allergens on contact. It’s recommended that you modify the filter monthly for best results.

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