5 Sources of Major Pollutants that Ruin your Home’s Air Quality

We all know cars and other commercial vehicles contribute to outdoor air pollution, but several studies have proven that the air inside Durham homes and office buildings is also extremely polluted. Indoor air pollution is usually worse during the winter months. There are several different types of indoor air pollution, and making a few lifestyle changes can reduce the number of chemicals in your home.

The Harmful Effects of Tobacco and Other Poisonous Gases

Tobacco is a major cause of respiratory problems. The smoke from cigarettes does not disappear when the ashes are buried, and the toxic chemicals seep into carpets and furniture. Radon and carbon monoxide can also poison the air inside your Charlotte home. A plumber can recommend a radon and carbon monoxide detector.

The Dangers of Lead and Harsh Cleaning Products

Lead and asbestos are common problems in older homes. All homeowners should have their homes tested for lead and asbestos. Lead poisoning can cause neurological damage, and asbestos can cause severe respiratory problems. Cleaning products are also a major source of indoor air pollution. Harsh chemicals can clean tough stains, but the fumes are toxic.

Mold Growth in the Winter Months

Water damage is an expensive nuisance. A few inches of water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If your home floods, you may have to replace your floors and your furniture. Mold will start to grow if the water is not cleaned up immediately. Mold growth is unsightly, and it can cause respiratory problems. An experienced plumber can check your plumbing system and winterize your home. Frozen pipes are the leading cause of flooding in the winter months.

You should routinely check the air inside your home. When you reduce the number of chemicals in the air, you will have fewer respiratory health problems. If you have asthma or other health conditions, you should consider purchasing an air purifier. A humidifier can add moisture to the air. An experienced plumber can offer you personalized advice on cleaning the air inside your home. Contact a plumber today, and you can breathe easier tomorrow.

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