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How to Keep the Temperature Consistent from Room to Room

The temperature in your Durham home is one of the key factors that can make the space comfortable, but unfortunately, some homes do not have a consistent temperature from room to room or from level to level. This creates a rather uncomfortable living environment for you and your family, and you may be actively searching for a solution. There are several causes of inconsistency between rooms and floors, and this means that there are several possible solutions to your problem.

Get a Duct Inspection

Air ducts are one of the main causes of inconsistency in temperature between rooms, and this is because they are directly responsible for delivering heated or cooled air to the different rooms in your home. Air ducts can easily be damaged, and when air escapes from even a small hole in a duct, an inconsistency with the temperature can occur. When ducts are not fully open, such as if they have a kink, the blockage can also cause an inconsistency. An HVAC technician can help you to learn more about the true condition of your air ducts so that repair work can be completed if necessary.

Check the Insulation

Insulation is critical to temperature control in a Durham room as well, but the insulation is not always uniform throughout all areas of the home. For example, some types of insulation may sink downward in the wall, leaving a large gap in the insulation at the top of an exterior wall. This can create a draft in the home. Your HVAC technician can analyze the insulation in the home to determine if extra insulation needs to be added to some of your walls.

Use Ceiling Fans

Another cause of inconsistency in room temperature relates to poor air circulation. The goal is to get air to circulate throughout the room as well as throughout other rooms in the home. Therefore, leave the doors open and turn the ceiling fans on. Even if one room is cooler than another and you do not want the room to be cooler, turning on the fan will push some of the cooler areas out and allow warmer air from other rooms to filter into it.

When you are searching for effective ways to improve consistency between rooms or floors in your home, turning on ceiling fans and reaching out to HVAC technicians for assistance are wonderful ideas. By following these steps, you may enjoy great results in the temperature in your home.

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