It’s now the beginning of the spring season and, like many, you might have noticed that your allergies have begun to impact your day-to-day life. The wheezing and sneezing can make for uncomfortable days around the home. And so, to help you remove allergens effectively and begin the spring cleanup process, we’re offering our expert guidance in this latest post.

Commit to Professional Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most common reasons homeowners experience allergies and other dust-related symptoms long into the summer months is that these allergens can continue to rest in the duct system. Professional companies can remove all dust from your duct system, ensuring proper airflow and eliminating the allergens that can cause health issues over the coming months. This process can also help reduce your energy bills by limiting the pressure on your HVAC systems throughout the year.

Vacuum Under and Around Furniture First

During the winter season, the areas around your furniture will be impacted the most by dust and allergens. Whether it’s from the family cat sitting on the arm of the chair for warmth or the entire family using the furniture consistently throughout the winter season, allergens are usually found in abundance in this area of the home.

Make sure you move your furniture during the vacuuming process to get rid of any pet hair and dander that might have settled underneath.

Clean Ceiling Fixtures Carefully

Another area in which dust can build up quickly is on ceiling fans. These systems aren’t used during the day when nobody is home, and it’s during these hours that dust begins to settle. By going around your home and cleaning the dust off your ceiling fans, you can effectively limit the spread of allergens throughout your home over the warmer months. Remember to check fans for dust regularly to safeguard your home.

Maintain Air Conditioning Systems

One of the primary reasons homeowners experience increased allergic reactions throughout the home in the spring is the spread of dust through their AC systems.

Committing to AC maintenance procedures such as filter replacement can ensure the spread of dust is mitigated throughout the home. Professionals are now available across the region to begin this important home maintenance process.

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