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Improved Indoor Comfort
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Thermostat Installation Services
The Nest Smart Thermostat programs itself by learning your heating and cooling habits. As you go about your day, the Nest Learning Thermostat remembers if you’re home or not, and adjusts the temperature automatically.

No more programing your thermostat. Let the Nest Learning Thermostat do it for you. You’ll save money and your air conditioner and furnace will operate more efficiently.

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A Smart Home Thermostat Protects Your Home
Be reassured your home is safe having the Nest Protect smart smoke and CO alarms.

Stay connected to your Nest Smart Products with your smart devices. You’ll receive voice alerts if the Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide in your home. With Split-Spectrum Sensors, the Nest Protect will tell you which room the problem is occurring in your home.

False alarms are easily silenced from your phone using App Silence.

Never worry about dead batteries again. The Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms are so smart, they’ll send you a phone message when the batteries are low. Forget about those low battery beeps from traditional alarms. Nest has you covered.

Stay connected for safety
You are always connected to your Nest Smart Products. Check the status using your phone or tablet. All Nest Smart Products work and communicate with one another, so you have complete control of your home, even when you’re not home.

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Smart Thermostat Installation Process
If your current thermostat needs replacing or you are ready to upgrade to the newest in thermostat technology, call us to professionally install your new smart thermostat today. Installation is simple and quick, so you can enjoy your new thermostat the same day. We will:

Inspect placement options
Professionally install the smart thermostat
Connect device to Wifi and complete initial setup process
Ensure proper download of mobile app
Test thermostat with system to ensure proper functionality
Demonstrate basic functions and answer any questions
Smart thermostats may seem intimidating at first, but they are as simple to use as a traditional thermostat. Besides offering remote access to users, smart thermostats also help homeowners save money on their monthly energy bills by adapting to homeowner habits and automatically switching off when there is no one home. There are many benefits to a smart thermostat installation. With energy company rebates on these types of installations, homeowners can save even more to offset the cost of installation. In the long run, smart thermostats really are the smart choice.

Smart Thermostat FAQs
What types of systems are compatible with the Nest Thermostat?
Forced air, heat pumps, and radiant heat are all compatible with the Nest Thermostat. During setup, the Nest device will ask which type of system you have and it will match its programming to the appropriate system. This way, the Nest will be working at the highest level of efficiency possible with the system you have.

How long will it take to recoup the cost of a Nest Thermostat?
Usually homeowners save enough on their energy bills to cover the cost of installation in as little as 2 years. After that, homeowners are keeping all of the extra savings for themselves.

What are some ways to save money with a Nest Thermostat?
One of the reasons homeowners switch to a smart thermostat is to save money on heating and cooling. Some of the ways to save money are by setting a weekly heating and cooling schedule, switching to vacation mode when away, and taking advantage of features such as Airwave and Eco mode. The Nest’s built-in features showing homeowners the time it will take to reach a desired temperature and how much energy was used throughout the week naturally inspire homeowners to practice more conservative energy habits right away.

Can a home have multiple Nest Thermostats?
Yes. If your home currently supports more than one thermostat, or you want to add a thermostat for zoning, you can install more than one Nest Thermostat. Each thermostat will learn a separate schedule for the zones they control. Both thermostats can be added to the app and both controlled remotely from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Can I just install it myself?
Smart thermostats are fairly simple to install, and some homeowners can install the device themselves. However, if you are uneasy about interacting with the electrical in your home and want to ensure proper installation, a professional will make sure everything is safely installed and ready to go before they leave. For some homeowners, this peace of mind is worth the small cost of professional installation.

Is Nest compatible with Alexa or Google Home devices?
The Nest Thermostat is compatible with both of these devices. Simply ask your smart home device to set a desired temperature and it will remotely communicate with your Nest Thermostat.

How does the app work?
The app (compatible with Android and iOS) allows users to remotely control their Nest device, set a weekly schedule, view energy usage, and turn on Home Away Assist. The app lets users control their device while they are at home or away.