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What is Your Home’s Perfect Winter Temperature?

Think of the most beautiful winter landscape you’ve ever seen, either in a movie or real life. Does it entail holiday decorations with snow falling? Maybe children skating on a frozen pond or ice rink with watchful parents enjoying hot chocolate?

Or do you think of a snowy mountain with a crystal blue sky backdrop? Whatever your perfect wintertime picture may be, winter also means that electric bills are sure to spike. We’re going to discuss what heater temperature you might find ideal this year in order to save money and stay comfortable. Keep reading for more information!

The Temperature Debate
temperatureYou might have noticed that certain companies will advise you to set the temperature in your home to a certain range in order to save money. While this tip might save you money, it also can make your home a bit too chilly.

To avoid freezing in your own home, it is more comfortable to set the temperature a degree or two lower than what you normally would, and slowly adjust from there. At night, take advantage of the fact that you can be snuggled under warm blankets and keep lower the temperature down another degree or two.

Basically, if you find 76 degrees to be comfortable in the winter, drop two degrees for a few days. After your body has acclimated to the change, consider lowering the temperature again to 72. It will feel slightly cool at first but wearing a light jacket will help immensely.

As For Your Thermostat…
If you are still using a mechanical thermostat that must always be turned on or off, it is time to upgrade! These thermostats are outdated and cost you money if you aren’t careful about changing the temperature or turning it off when you leave. There are multiple options available at several price points. These options include:

thermostatDigital thermostats- although the basic digital thermostat is not technically ‘programmable,’ you can set minimum and maximum temperature to tell your heater when to turn on and off.
Programmable thermostats- these units allow you to set the minimum and maximum temperatures and can allow you to program what time the system should turn on.
Smart thermostats- the latest and greatest technology when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home. You can program these systems, or you can allow it to learn your schedule–when you’re home and when you’re asleep. There is also the added benefit of being able to control your thermostat from your smartphone and having monthly energy reports.
How to Pay Less For Energy
billsCold weather can cause your electric or gas bill to skyrocket. Of course, you can’t control the weather, but you can control how efficient your home is.

Finding the right temperature may take some time and some adjusting to a slightly chilly home, but once you’ve found a happy medium, your pocketbook will thank you.

Of course, if you truly want to see a difference in your electric bill, consider having your heater tuned up before the winter months!

To help find your home’s perfect winter temperature, schedule a tune-up for your heater, or to upgrade your thermostat, give One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning a call! We would love to help you save on your electric bill this season! Do you have a wintertime tip that you live by? Tell us in the comment section!