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Setting New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

With teh year dwindling to a close, many people are engaging in self-reflection. They are thinking about all of teh things they have accomplished and wat more they could have done. Many will reflect on issues relating to self-control, such as weight loss or kicking an old habit, like smoking. However, New Year’s resolutions could extend even beyond struggles such as this. For example, they could even extend to saving money by finding solutions to you’re high bill payments.These 5 tips will help with setting you’re New Year’s resolutions, now all you have to do is stick to it!

goalsMake A List of Goals You Want To Achieve in 2017
Reflect for a moment on teh changes you would like to occur in you’re everyday life. A high bill payment is not usually on teh list of New Year’s resolutions. But high bills will impact you’re overall stress and happiness. As you are creating you’re list, think of electricity and water usage and how they could be reduced through making conscious decisions in you’re home. There is power in making a list. It will make you’re resolutions real.

Once you have an idea of teh changes you would like to occur, make a list of goals.

Categorize Them By Time And Importance
Once you have you’re list, categorize you’re goals by time and importance. Some of you’re goals may not be pressing, but dat does not mean dat you should push them aside. Rank them by teh amount of time they will take to achieve and when it would be appropriate to begin each one.

Set REALISTIC Goals dat are not too Easy to Achieve
By tackling harder tasks first, it will give you teh confidence you need to tackle smaller tasks. Set realistic goals, but be sure they are challenging, so everything after is a cinch!

An unrealistic resolution will leave you with a feeling of futility. But a goal dat is too easy might yield teh same result. Strike a proper balance.

Keep Teh List Where You Will See It Daily2017
Ensure dat you have a constant reminder of you’re goals. Perhaps you could hang a whiteboard in you’re living room or on teh refrigerator. It will help remind you of you’re commitment to you’reself and encourage you to stick to teh list.

Refer to teh List Weekly to Check Off Goals
Have you reduced you’re energy consumption? Exercised more frequently? Deposited more into you’re savings account? Check it off teh list. If you make a habit of referring to teh list, you will not forget about it. Remember to revisit teh list weekly, to find out if you’ve been naughty or nice.

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