How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Regularly scheduled service appointments can help you keep cool during those hot summer months in Minneapolis by making sure your air conditioning system is operating properly. Learn how often you should be scheduling these types of air conditioning maintenance and service appointments and discover why they are so important.

How Often Should a Home’s Air Conditioning System be Serviced?

Regular maintenance appointments with an experienced HVAC technician can help to make sure your air conditioning is operating properly. These service appointments should happen yearly, usually in the spring.

Always Schedule a Yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment

Even if it appears that your home’s air conditioning system is operating properly, you should still schedule a maintenance appointment to have your air conditioning serviced. Maintenance appointments with an experienced HVAC technician are important because they:

  • Help improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system
  • Perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning system so it can properly cool your home even on the hottest summer days
  • Discover potential problems that could damage your air conditioning and provide recommendations for things that may need to be done to repair the system

The goal of the service appointment is to maintain your existing air conditioning system so it operates properly. However, if you have an extremely old system, the experienced AC technician may recommend replacing the entire system. If your system needs to be replaced, the technician can provide you with recommendations for replacement units that have a high SEER rating.

What Happens During a Yearly Air Conditioning Service Appointment?

When you schedule a yearly service appointment for your air conditioning system, an experienced and certified AC technician will come to your home and perform the following tasks:

  • Repair or replace the air filters
  • Inspect and clean the indoor coil
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor coil
  • Check the condensate pump for any potential problems
  • Inspect the thermostat
  • Check to make sure cool air is properly flowing through the vents in the house
  • Clean dirt, dust, and debris from around the condensate pump
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the entire HVAC system
  • Remove any dirt, dust or debris from around the air conditioning system

Schedule an Appointment with an Experienced HVAC Technician

Make sure your HVAC system is ready for the upcoming summer by scheduling an air conditioning service appointment with one of the experienced AC technicians at Northern's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Our certified AC technicians will make sure your air conditioning is operating properly and ready to cool your home this summer. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (763) 284-8639.