Why Is Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Necessary?

If we took care of every maintenance item on our list, it seems like we’d do nothing but keep up with our homes. As we get older, we realize that some of the maintenance tasks are more pressing than others. You can skip painting the garage door without major repercussions, but when it comes to air conditioning maintenance, regularity is key.

Even though your air conditioning system is designed to run for at least a decade (if not more), it certainly won’t last that long if it hasn’t been properly cared for. Before every summer, you should take some time to perform maintenance and prepare the unit for warm temperatures.

Not only does scheduling air conditioner maintenance keep it running for many years, but it also has other benefits. Here are three reasons why you should start conducting regular AC maintenance this year.

Maintenance Lowers the Risk of Fires

According to the Minnesota State Fire Marshal 2018 Annual Report, most fires happen in residential properties. Although you might not think about how your air conditioning unit increases the risk of a blaze, thousands of house fires have started due to AC malfunctions. Conducting semi-annual checks on the system will decrease the risk of a problem that could result in dangerous flames.

It Helps the Environment

Air conditioning systems use a ton of energy, and many of them still run on fossil fuels. To make your AC system as efficient as possible, have HVAC professionals conduct an inspection and perform maintenance at least once a year. This will prevent you from overworking your system and wasting precious energy.

Your Family With Breathe Easier (Literally)

According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2018, Americans spend 93 percent of their lives indoors. Don’t you want the air you breathe in your home for hours every day to be safe, clean, and beneficial to your health? Conducting regular maintenance on your AC system can prevent pollutants and allergens from infiltrating your house. It’s especially important to change your air filters frequently; they’re the main form of protection against outside air contaminants that could jeopardize your indoor air quality.

How Northern's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® Can Help

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate and that it’s difficult to make time for tasks like performing HVAC maintenance. Let us help. Our highly trained professionals will show up at your doorstep to take care of chores like replacing your air filters and conducting inspections. To learn more or schedule air conditioning maintenance, call (763) 284-8639 today.