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Heating Services in Minneapolis, MN

We offer heating system maintenance services so that you have a consistent heating system that is running smoothly. We will happily inspect your current system for any problems or potential issues, are prepared to complete any on-the-spot repairs, and can determine the right products and solutions for your household. If you do need your heating system replaced, we will recommend the best choice for your home and install it quickly.

General Maintenance Tips

  • Filters: Check or change them each month.
  • Vents: Clean them, even dryer vents.
  • Odors: If they’re unusual, give us a call.

Heating Problems

We service all the top name brand heaters and are available 24 hours for emergency repairs. With our harsh winters, if your heater goes out it is not just uncomfortable it is an issue of your health and safety.

Outdoor Unit Safety Tips

  • Keep the Area Clear: Remove any tree branches or bushes from outdoor units.
  • Cut the Power: Always turn off the power to the unit if working nearby.

Heating Service Cost

Currently, the average cost for furnace repairs is around $300. The majority of homeowners across the nation pay between $160 and $400 for a certified technician to repair their furnace and make sure it is efficient and saves energy. At the minimum spectrum, some homeowners pay just $50 for their furnace to be repaired. This is not recommended, however, as such a low cost is often associated with shoddy craftsmanship that may lead to future repairs or replacements, both of which can be quite costly in the long run.

For a brand new furnace installation job, the average national cost is around $3,900. For the new installation or repair of gas pipes, the average cost is currently $480. Finally, for a heat pump to be installed in your home or business, the cost is, on average, $5,310. As you can see, the cost of heating service can vary greatly depending on the actual task you require. We can offer a comprehensive quote for our services if you simply call our technicians today.

Heating Maintenance

When you find yourself in need of heating maintenance performed in your home, you want the professionals to tackle the job with efficiency and a level of customer service you can really admire. Before the winter months finally hit and the cold weather becomes worse, it is best to have your entire heating system checked over thoroughly. On top of ensuring the entire system runs as efficiently as possible, routine maintenance can also prevent long-term problems and costly repairs down the line. Such repairs can run into the thousands if the homeowner is not attentive with their heating system.

For the most part, it is generally considered best to have your heating system checked annually. Some homeowners decide to check their system every six months, though. Either way will work. You can speak with our expert technicians to schedule routine maintenance every so often, ensuring the entire system costs less to run per month and remains as efficient as possible.

How long will my new heating system last?

How long the heating system in your home lasts depends entirely on the type of system you have and whether it was professionally installed or not. For central air systems – the most common throughout the country – the average lifespan is 15 to 20 years. Central heating can be powered by different fuel sources, all of which alter the total lifespan of the whole system. With careful routine maintenance and checkups performed, your system could easily last for two decades or more.

On the other hand, a boiler can often last up to 30 years in the home. This will, of course, depend on the overall quality of the water being supplied to the heating system and how well the entire unit is maintained. With the correct maintenance plan in place, your boiler could last for a long, long time. For a boiler, the actual fuel source will play a part in its lifespan, just like a central air/heating system.

How do I know which type of home heating system to choose?

The type of heating system you have installed in your home can make a major difference on how much you are paying each month on your energy bill and how comfortable you and your family are during the cold months of the year. This is why choosing the correct system for your needs is quite important. There are currently numerous factors that play into choosing a system, including the energy source or fuel type being used in the heating system, the distribution system, how efficient the system will run, the maintenance costs, and the actual cost for installation. Many homeowners are working with a budget, so saving money in the long-term is quite enticing for most.

The most popular heating system choices are forced air furnaces, hot water boilers, and electric heat pumps. A skilled technician can install any of these systems and offer their own advice and personal experience when it comes to which would suit your needs and your home the best.

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