Summer HVAC Maintenance Checklist
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    Summer HVAC Maintenance Checklist

    Set your HVAC system up for a comfortable summer without any headaches! Our handy summer HVAC maintenance checklist helps you get your air conditioning unit ready for the season. We’ve also hand-picked several summer HVAC tips to improve energy efficiency, lower home cooling bills, and even reduce summer allergy symptoms. Summer is heating up; stay ahead of common air conditioning problems with the experts from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning!

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    If you’ve already turned off your heating system during spring, it’s time to turn on the AC for the first time! You can prevent damage to your air conditioning and improve its performance by following these tips. If you have trouble with your AC unit, make sure you contact your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for professional AC maintenance and repair.

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    Before you Turn On Your AC.....

    If you have central air conditioning, you’ll need to tackle these three things before powering up your AC unit for the year.

    1. Replace your air filter. Enjoy exceptional indoor air quality and extend the life of your HVAC system by replacing your air filter every 30-90 days. Dirty air filters can force your system to work harder than necessary, which increases your energy bill and impacts performance.

    2. Inspect your air vents. Make sure your air vents are clear of furniture or other obstructions that might reduce airflow efficiency.

    3. Remove the cover from your AC unit. This is an easy one to forget! Before making any changes to the thermostat or power settings inside, remove the cover from your AC unit outdoors. Be sure to remove any leaves, sticks or other debris from the AC vents or around the base.

    How To Turn on the AC Safely

    After you’ve removed the cover from the AC outside, you’re ready to fire up your air conditioning.

    1. Set your thermostat to “Cool.” This will ensure the thermostat sensors will trigger the AC unit to turn on when it’s time.

    2. Turn on power at the circuit breaker. Locate your AC unit’s dedicated circuit on your breaker panel. It should be labeled appropriately and be the only appliance controlled by that switch.

    3. Turn on the air conditioning unit. Your AC unit will have a dedicated power switch. Most outdoor units will have a switch located either on the unit itself or mounted on the outside of your home near where the power cord enters the exterior wall.

    4. Listen, watch, and inspect. Spend a few moments listening to the unit itself outside. Make note of any odd sounds, such as clanking or odd vibrations. You should also check the temperature of the air coming out of air vents indoors.

    5. Check your thermostat settings. Programmable and smart thermostats have customizable settings that can automatically adjust your thermostat settings when you’re away. Adjusting these settings from your smart phone or tablet can improve energy efficiency and save money on your summer cooling bills.

    More HVAC Summer Tips

    In addition to scheduling summer HVAC services, homeowners can do a lot with their HVAC system to improve indoor air quality and save money. If you have an AC unit, make sure you check out these air conditioning tips for summer. Don’t have an AC? We can fix that.

    Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

    When it comes to keeping your air conditioning costs down, it pays to use every tool in your toolkit. Here are energy efficiency tips to reduce costs associated with your AC this summer.

    • Use window treatments. Light is also heat! Use curtains, drapes or other window treatment options to reduce the impact of sunlight on the heat of your home. Be sure to close curtains before you leave for the day to keep warm light out.
    • Keep your home sealed. Inspect windows, doors, and vents to prevent warm outside air from entering your home. You can use caulk or weatherstripping products to seal leaks near doors and windows. Of course, be sure to close all windows before turning on your AC!
    • Use a programmable thermostat. Set your thermostat to automatically adjust your cooling schedule based on your daily habits. Increase the thermostat setting while you’re away and reduce it only when you’re home for the evening. Learn more about programmable thermostats.
    • Use ceiling fans at the right time. Ceiling fans do help keep you cool, but they are only effective when moving air over a room’s occupants – that’s you. If you’re not in a room, turn off ceiling fans to save energy.
    • Remove humidity fast. Air conditioners remove humidity every time they run, but always use your bathroom ventilation fan to quickly remove humidity after a bath or shower. This can help keep indoor humidity levels low and more comfortable.

    What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner In Summer?

    The US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home during the summer. Set your thermostat a few degrees warmer to 85 degrees while you’re away. You can save more money by increasing the temperature by just four degrees while you sleep! Find the best setting for your central air conditioning with a little experimentation; start at 78 degrees and make small adjustments as needed.

    Summer Indoor Air Quality

    Allergies in the summer can seriously limit your fun. Use your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality during the summer months with a few tips from the IAQ pros.

    What Causes Summer Allergies

    Different allergens are present in different parts of the country. The most common summer allergies are caused by:

    • Tree Pollen
    • Mold
    • Grass Pollen
    • Ragweed (which extends into fall as well
    • Mugwprt
    • Insect Bites

    How to Prevent Allergies in the Summer

    Use your HVAC system to help reduce the impact of summer allergies. In addition to limiting your exposure to allergens and talking to your doctor, here’s how to breathe easy this summer.

    • Keep windows closed. You may have to forgo that cool summer breeze; mornings tend to see a peak in pollen counts. Reduce allergens indoors by keeping windows and doors shut at all times; cool your home with your AC instead.
    • Clean often. Dust, sweep, vacuum, and do laundry more often when your symptoms are worse. This helps keep dust, dander, and pollen that has gotten on your clothing or skin to a minimum. You may need to shower immediately after spending time outside.
    • Replace your air filter more often. A clean air filter is more effective at removing airborne allergens from your home. During months when your symptoms are strongest, you may benefit from changing your air filter every 30 days.

    Summer HVAC Maintenance Made Easy

    Cross off all your HVAC maintenance task needs with preventative maintenance from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Our friendly, trained technicians can help prevent common air conditioning problems and keep your family comfortable during the dog days of summer.

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    HVAC Tips For Summer -
    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should HVAC home humidity be in summer?

    Indoor humidity levels should be kept between 30% and 50% year-round. High humidity levels can impact your quality of sleep and increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. Learn more about our dehumidifier installation and repair services.

    What causes an AC to freeze up in the summer?

    The most common cause of an HVAC unit freezing up is a dirty air filter. Poor airflow makes your unit work harder and, without adequate airflow, ice can build up on your evaporator coil. Find your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for an expert fix!

    How does an air conditioning unit work in the summer?

    Air conditioning works by removing humidity from hot air and circulating the cooled air throughout your home. This requires less energy than heating your home. Most AC systems are 3-4 times more energy efficient than a standard heating system.

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