You know what I like? Free stuff. Free offers, free services, all and anything free is for me. I especially like when a business offers me free services that pay for themselves or immediately reveal their economic value.
For example, I was at a local car wash last Monday when the employee commented on the crack in my windshield. He suggested I set an appointment for repair and expressed that parts and labor where 100% covered by my insurance. I’m aware, but what was the value proposition? Yes, it’s free, however I value my time and that wasn’t going to be enough to get my commitment. Then he drops the hammer, “with the windshield replacement we offer our top of the line detailing service, a $250 value.” Yahtzee!! If there were a zombie apocalypse we could survive at least 3 weeks in my sedan from old goldfish and half drunken water bottles (go ahead judge, I’m not offended; its survival out there).

I made the appointment and it got me thinking about our maintenance plan at One Hour Air. Are our customers aware of the value proposition of our maintenance plan? If we were able to articulate how regular maintenance on an A/C system can significantly reduce utility costs so much that they actually cover the costs of their maintenance plan would we gain their buy in? Well, in most cases this is true, but here are a few additional reasons to consider an A/C maintenance system:

Premier Client Rewards- love this one! Preferential treatment in scheduling? Yes, please. As a premier client your appointments take priority. Additional privileges are also included.

Breakdown-Free Guarantee- One Hour Air Maintenance Plan reduces breakdowns and members receive an additional 5% in savings for all repairs.

System Lifespan- routine maintenance can double the lifespan of you’re A/C or furnace.

Save Money, “Going Green”- As stated earlier, you save substantially on your utility bill with routine maintenance, generally paying for the membership itself. Additionally, routine diagnostics reduce harmful effects to the environment.

Customized Savings- Maintenance plans are customizable. Your local technician can assess your current unit and budget to match the plan that bests fits you.

So there it is folks, your value proposition as it pertains to A/C Maintenance Plans. At minimum, call your technician today to discuss how to save money and capitalize on complimentary services provided by One Hour Air. For the month of September take advantage of our Maintenance Plan Promotion. Call today to schedule (813) 548-5028.