AC Influenza - The Signs & Symptoms of a Sick Unit

It’s going around!  All of the signs and symptoms are there- runny nose, fever, and progressively getting worse!  That’s it – The Flu, but not your traditional flu.

Air Conditioning Influenza! See the signs and symptoms of a sick unit below.

Runny Nose - It seems as though the unit is running fine.  The house is consistently cool with no substantial increase in temperature.  However, it keeps running, like a leaky nose.  Consistent running of an A/C unit to keep up with the set temperature is a tell-tale sign of an aging unit.  Keep and eye on the frequency that it starts running without adjustments to the thermostat.

Fever - Running Hot?  The condition of the unit is fine. It’s still turning over and running when adjusting your thermostat but it’s progressively getting warmer in your house.  Owner of One Hour West Pasco, Ed O’Kelley, states that generally home owners miss this clue.  “One moment the air is working fine and the next, it’s not warm, it’s hot, and that’s when we get the call.”  You may catch yourself turning down your unit in hopes to decrease the temperature in your home. Pay attention to this and don’t hesitate to call your local A/C technician for a once over.

Progression of the Illness - Like any sickness, it doesn’t get any better without a little TLC.  The symptoms increase- consistent running, increase in temperature, and poor air flow.  All routine maintenance help keep a healthy working air conditioning unit.  Treatment options include changing filters, cleaning coils, and flushing drains.

But Wait!! What if it is a chronic condition? 

We are here to help!  Our technicians are provided with a matrix developed from Department of Energy suggestions, measuring cost of maintenance and additional energy cost of your current unit vs. the purchase of a new unit.

The A/C Doctor is in!  Call one of our local technicians today for a health check on your A/C unit!

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