5 Reasons Why You Need the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Sensi smart thermostat with smartphone

The Sensi Thermostat is one of the coolest home gadgets currently on the market.  With Wi-Fi capability, Sensi can function directly through your Apple or Android device giving you a cutting edge application that delivers cool air or toasty heat wherever you have internet access.

Below are the 5 reasons you should upgrade your home to the Sensi Thermostat:

You can adjust your temperature and humidity in your house from any remote location. So, you have a vacation home in Tarpon Springs listed on Airbnb and you reside in upstate New York.   You can turn down the air in your rental in preparation for your guests, set your thermostat at a certain temperature for the duration of their stay, then turn it back up at their departure all from your quaint home in NY.

The application allows you to schedule the temperature in your house by days of the week and time of day. Do you travel Monday – Thursday for work?  Sensi allows capabilities to set the temperature from the time you leave to prior to your return or throughout the week.

With the temperature scheduling you can easily save on energy cost. The Sensi unit allows for maximum efficiency, lending as much as 30% in energy savings.

Multiple thermostats can be managed through one application. You have a two story domicile and generally climb up to bed at 11 pm.  Your upstairs thermostat can be adjusted at 10:30 for your desired sleep setting while your downstairs can be raised a bit at the same time.

The application also offers local weather conditions and forecasts. So maybe its Sunday, and you see a storm is blowing in through your Sensi app.  You can drop the temperature 4 degrees to cuddle up for a nice movie day.

Ok, so that last one was reaching a bit but I think you see where we are going with this.  For more information on the Sensi Thermostat and other great products call your local One Hour Air at (813) 548-5028 or click here for our August promotion, offering 40% off of the Sensi Thermostat with installation and a full customer tutorial.