One Hour UV Light systemBacteria is a big deal in Florida. Small particles pass through our filters and turn into biological growth. UV can help eliminate those bacteria, but not all ultraviolet light systems are created equal.

There are all kinds of brands out there. You can get a cheaper UV system that’s 35 microwatts, but those only kill bacteria starting to grow inside the air conditioner when it’s not producing airflow.

We offer a 186-microwatt UV system that’s going to kill everything that’s passing through the air stream. It will keep the coils and blower wheel clean.

It’s important to keep your system clean from the algae and bacteria, or the coils may become impacted and your system will have to work harder.

If you’re in the early stages of bacteria growth and there’s barely any at all, you may want to install UV as a preventative measure. Now, if the growth is pretty bad, we may have to do some deep cleaning first to get you that fresh, clean air that you want.

Either way, reach out to Scott’s One Hour air to learn more about the UV systems we offer at (813) 548-5028