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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has many humid and hot days during the year. As such, it is crucial to make sure that your HVAC system can handle all of the weather in the area well. Your heating and air quality are just as essential to maintain so that you can run a system with maximum efficiency.

AC Repair & Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Our AC services for Palm Beach Gardens include A/C repair, A/C installation, A/C recharge, and maintenance to make sure you A/C runs efficiently.

We offer tune-ups for your AC any time of the year, but the best time is before the hot summer months in Palm Beach Gardens. A tune-up for an air conditioner is just like a tune-up for a car. We make sure everything on your air conditioner is working well, cleaned, and lubricated. If we find things that need to be repaired or replaced during a tune-up, we will address the problems with you and get it fixed.

If you decide that you’d like a new air conditioning unit, we can install a new unit for you.

Sometimes you’ll notice that your system seems to use more power than it did when it was new, preventative maintenance, tune-ups and checking the unit for refrigerant leaks is essential to keep your cooling bills manageable in the summer. Your warranty may also require preventative maintenance!

Heating Services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Our heating services in the Palm Beach Gardens area include heat pump maintenance, repairs, and equipment installation.

Many homes in Palm Beach Gardens use a heat pump for the winter months. If you are having issues with your heat pump not working correctly and it is cold, call for emergency services 24-hours a day. Preventative maintenance with a tune-up regularly can help you avoid emergencies during the colder nights.

If you want a new heat pump or other equipment for your HVAC system, we can update your system to provide your home with the heating and cooling efficiency it needs.

How Do You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump?

  • You’ve spent more money on repairs or energy bills than you think is necessary.
  • Your heat pump is more than 10 years old.
  • The heat pump you have doesn’t work properly. Your home isn’t warm enough during cold evenings.
  • If you just purchased a home, and you want all updated equipment for that new home feeling!

Indoor Air Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Your indoor air quality in Palm Beach Gardens matters a lot because many people stay inside when the weather is hot and humid. If your air quality indoors is terrible, then you have no place to feel comfortable breathing. Bad air quality is usually a serious health risk for small children and people who have respiratory problems.

We can provide you with indoor air services that include cleaning your ductwork to get rid of particles that are unhealthy for you to breathe. You may also need a UV light air cleaner to get rid of germs and bacteria that circulate through your home repeatedly. Electronic air filters are a good idea if you have an allergy to dust, dander, or pollen. They also trap smaller particles and make sure they don’t keep moving through your home.

If your heating and cooling bill is high, we can seal your ductwork to make sure that the air isn’t escaping before it reaches each room. If your ductwork has holes or cracks in it, then it takes more work to cool a home. Sealing can help you make your HVAC system more efficient.

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