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One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of West Palm Beach is happy to provide HVAC services to Royal Palm Beach, Florida. We offer services for the air conditioning, heating, and air quality systems in your home. These services can include making sure your whole system is running efficiently, repairs, emergency services, installation, and preventative maintenance.

AC Repair Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL


Your air conditioner may not always work correctly. If you are having problems with noises, smells, or inadequate cooling, you may need to have your air conditioner repaired.


If you want a new air conditioner to replace an old unit, we can make sure the equipment you choose is installed correctly and works well for your home.

Recharging and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important to make sure that your air conditioner works well through all of the summer months in Royal Palm Beach. Tune-ups are part of our preventative maintenance AC services. We will make sure that your air conditioner is cleaned, lubricated, and recharged if needed. We will also make sure that your system is providing you with the most efficient cooling possible with the equipment you own.

Consider a protection plan for your cooling system, so you stay up-to-date on all of your preventative maintenance. Depending on the protection plan you choose, you can also get discounts on repair services and replacements for your home.

Heating Services in Royal Palm Beach

Heating Repair

If you find that your home isn’t as warm as it needs to be in the winter months, you may need to have some repairs done to your heat pump. We offer emergency heating services if your heat pump quits working during cold temperatures.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Heat Pump

Planning on a tune-up before the colder days of winter is a great way to make sure you don’t have to make an emergency call when it is chilly. We will make sure everything is working correctly and check for any issues that may become a problem when it is cold.

Heat Pump Equipment and Installation

You may find that your home in Royal Palm Beach, FL, needs a new heat pump. Needing a new heat pump could be because you want updated equipment, you are building a home, your old heat pump can’t be repaired. We have experts that will come and install your new unit and make sure it is in good working order.

Indoor Air Services in Royal Palm Beach

Cleaning and Sealing Your Ductwork

Air ducts can be the problem if your heating and cooling systems are not working well. You may have a blockage or holes in your ductwork that makes it harder for air to reach all of the rooms in your home. Air ducts may also be the cause of bad air quality. If they are dirty, all of that dirt can circulate through your home. Sealing air ducts is a routine part of our indoor air services. Sealing prevents air from escaping and gives you a more efficient HVAC system.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

We have electronic air filters and UV light systems that work to keep you and your family healthy. If you feel like the air in your home is not clean enough, or you get sick a lot, you may need something to fight germs and bacteria. UV lights can help lessen the number of germs that circulate in your home. Electronic air filters are used to capture smaller particles that other air filters won’t trap. Both of these products can give your home better quality air and help your allergies and respiratory health.

Emergency Services in Royal Palm Beach

If your HVAC system isn’t working correctly and you are in Royal Palm Beach, we are available 24-hours a day to make sure that your system is working well and providing you with the cold or warm air you need.

When you call (561) 903-2455, you'll be connected to West Palm Beach's most trusted source of HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance. A member of our team is standing by 24/7 to take your call.

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