Space Heaters Making Advances in Efficiency

Space heaters can be a convenient way to bring the heat to a basement or other room that remains cold in the winter despite the best efforts of your heat and air conditioning system. They are also a good option if one member of the family likes his or her bedroom warmer than everyone else. When purchasing a space heater, however, you want to make sure you find a model that is safe and efficient, so you don't create a hazard or drive your heat and air conditioning bills even higher. Read on for some tips on finding the best space heater for your home.

Safety First in Home Heating

Your first concern when it comes to space heaters is safety. Older models, particularly those that rely on liquid fuel like propane, are notorious for causing house fires. Newer electric models are generally much safer, but you still need to make sure that your heater isn't too close to a wall or any flammable material, and is set in a place where it won't accidentally get knocked over or cause burns to children or pets.

Another concern about space heaters is they have traditionally been expensive to operate. However, new models incorporate efficiency measures that make them much more attractive options, particularly if you only use them to heat one or two rooms while turning down the thermostat for the rest of the home.

Portable Additions to Your Heat and Air Conditioning System

Check out some of these models that allow you to heat your home on the cheap, and in style:

  • Dyson AM05: This model is among the most expensive space heaters available, weighing in at nearly $400, but its air multiplier technology and precision controls allow you to conserve energy and save money over time. It also functions as a traditional fan in the summertime.
  • DeLonghi Compact Ceramic Electric Heater: DeLonghi offers a heater with customizable controls including a timer and thermostat so you can heat the room how you want and when you want. This unit also has its own type of smart technology which can find savings of up to 40 percent in energy consumption.
  • Vornado DVTH: Vornado is famous for its fans, but it offers impressive space heaters as well. The manufacturers take advantage of decades of experience with fans to create a unit that quickly heats an entire room, saving energy overall. This model focuses on safety, with automatic shut-off, tip-over protection and a cool exterior.
  • Ambia Ach-120 Portable Two Zone Ceramic Heater: The two zone heater lets you aim the fans at two different areas in the same room, allowing multiple people to bask in the comfort of direct heat – or letting you blast hot air at yourself from two directions at once.

Many Other Options at Your Disposal

For help picking out the best space heater or other heating solutions for your home, get in touch with a heat and air conditioning expert today.