Blown-In Attic Insulation Services in Dayton

Doug Washburn, Owner Extreme’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning“For years I always believed the furnace was the most overlooked but yet one of the most important features of a home, after all, it does keep us warm in the winter and nobody wants frozen pipes to deal with. As a business owner, I have made a living for the last 13 years replacing old and worn furnaces and air conditioners. I have crawled through hundreds of attics for various reasons the first being I need to measure the insulation to properly size the new equipment being installed, other times to inspect ductwork or wiring, but one thing I have always noted is how poorly insulated the homes here in Beavercreek, Dayton, and the surrounding areas truly are.

This leads me to believe that maybe the furnace isn’t the most overlooked but attic insulation possibly is, we have some of the savviest and educated clients in the area, most really dissect the furnace options and are very concerned about the efficiency of the furnace to be installed. Many times we see clients spending thousands of $$$$ more for higher efficiency furnaces, saving as much as 15% off their furnace operating costs. While this is great and will save thousands of dollars over the life of the furnace, but what a lot of people don’t understand is they are still losing so much comfort and most importantly hard-earned money because the attic was not addressed…up to 25% of the heat lost comes from the attic insulation being insufficient. Why?

So why doesn’t this problem get addressed more often? Two main reason’s:

1. Out of sight out of mind…most homeowners don’t frequent they’re attic so they become forgetful and most homeowners haven’t been told how much they truly need. Until there is a problem it doesn’t get addressed. Ask yourself when the last time you measured the insulation in your attic? Most would say they never have.

2. It’s a very unpleasant job…yes, it can be dusty, itchy, and irritate our lungs if the proper respirators aren’t worn. Nobody looks forward to doing it.

blown in insulationblown in insulation

So how can I help?

As a company, we visit thousands of homes, and install several heating and cooling systems each and every week, over the years I have dealt with numerous complaints about the air conditioner and furnace not keeping up with the thermostat or running all the time, this of course is during the peak of winter and summer when the outdoor elements are brutal, I have also dealt with the dreaded high utility bill complaint. The facts are very very few of the problems ever had anything to do with the equipment it was mostly issues caused by improper insulation.

I started referring my clients to a well-known insulation company that had fair prices, unfortunately the feedback I received was not positive, our customers expected a clean job and for the company to show up on time, well once notified that messes were being left behind and sometimes missed appointments I decided I could no longer refer them.

We now have our own equipment, hazmat suits, and respirators, we charge very fair prices and of course show up on time and clean up after ourselves. We offer our services during new installations and to our valued Comfort Club members. Insulating attics will never be our primary service offered but I’m making sure it’s not the most overlooked part of your home anymore. I look forward to keeping homes comfortable and keeping your money in your pocket, not the utility companies. We are currently running 20% off all attic insulation projects in the months of February and March. As an added bonus, if you made it all the way through my blog, mention #keeping_me_warm, and I will waive the set-up fee."

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Recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildings.

Recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildings

Recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildings