Central air remains America’s favorite type of HVAC system by delivering the whole-home comfort most people want. However, that comfort comes at a cost in the average home in Pelham, AL. Without proper sealing, up to 30 percent of the air moving through ducts is lost to leaks. Air leakage wastes energy and your money, and it impacts your indoor air quality (IAQ) too. Aeroseal duct sealing improves both the cleanliness and energy efficiency of your HVAC ductwork.

A Proven Technology

While there are many ways to seal ducts, none are effective as the Aeroseal method. Considering all the research that went into developing the technology, that’s no surprise. Beginning in 1990, scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley Nation Laboratory began to study the problem of duct leakage. They concluded that the most effective solution was to seal leaks from the inside:

  • A polymer sealant was developed that would stay airborne until the substance comes across a leak.
  • When injected into the ductwork at a specific air velocity, the sticky particles try to escape through the leaks.
  • The particles stick to one another as they encounter a leak, forming a permanent seal against outdoor pollutants.

Benefits of the Aeroseal System

Because well-sealed ducts increase system efficiency, energy efficiency savings are substantial. Studies show that sealing your ductwork with this proven method can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Better air flow and velocity mean you’ll see an improvement in comfort and air quality too. Allergens, pollutants and pests are barred from entering the ducts, so everyone in your home can breathe healthier air.

Certified Contractors

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of Birmingham is pleased to offer this patented duct sealant system to our valued customers. Our HVAC technicians undergo specific training to ensure the process is performed to the highest standards. We’re proud to provide services that enhance your comfort and improve your home’s indoor air quality. To learn more about energy-saving HVAC technologies, we invite you to ask an expert. If you need emergency service, reach out to a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning qualified professional today.