ENERGY STAR-rated smart thermostats can save the average American homeowner $900+ per year in energy costs. These impressive savings result from the vast improvement in energy efficiency that today’s smart HVAC technology brings. Two major types of thermostats fit this designation: learning thermostats and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Here’s how each type of smart thermostat can boost your HVAC system’s efficiency, saving you money on heating and cooling while increasing your family’s comfort and convenience in your Birmingham area home.

Learning Thermostats

These small but significant units are mini marvels of smart HVAC technology just as their name implies. These thermostats grow smarter by monitoring the settings you typically use, thereby “learning” your heating and cooling habits. This allows the thermostat to auto-adjust its settings, keeping them in tune with your preferences. Opting to add a sensor will give these thermostats the additional ability to auto-adjust their settings based on the conditions detected inside your home. This will maximize equipment effectiveness and energy efficiency, bringing additional comfort and greater savings to your family.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats

This intelligent thermostat takes both “smart” and “convenient” to the next level. By keeping you perpetually connected, even while you’re away from home, this wireless thermostat technology lets you control your indoor environment from afar via your computer, smartphone or tablet. This capability can be a real boon to the busy homeowner who always seems to be out and about. Whether on the job, running errands or taxiing family members from one activity to another, a smart themostat is a smart choice for you.

Upgrade Your HVAC Efficiency via Smart Thermostat Technology

For all the reasons mentioned above, updating your conventional thermostat to its smart counterpart could just be the best HVAC move you make this season. To learn more about this superior HVAC control option and why it might be the best choice for you, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of Birmingham at (205) 690-4145. Let our experts show you the difference that quality service, superior technology and ethical business practices can make to your comfort and peace of mind.