One very simple step everyone in Hoover, AL can take to ensure their HVAC system’s peak performance is to change or clean their air filter regularly. Doing so will not only improve your comfort, but it will also help keep the air in your home clean. Not changing out a clogged or dirty filter will decrease the airflow through the system.

This can drastically reduce the efficiency of the system and potentially damage the equipment. Merely cleaning or changing the filter every one to three months will help increase your system’s lifespan. Of course, changing your HVAC air filter is only a small, all be it important, part of maintaining your heating and cooling system.

Improve Your Family’s Comfort

When your system is running efficiently, it helps keep you and your family more comfortable. A system that receives regular maintenance and filter changes will perform the way it was designed. This will help prevent issues like poor indoor air quality or humidity control and short-cycling.

Save Yourself Some Money

The biggest reason you should change your filter regularly is that it saves you money. Ensuring that your system is properly cared for on a routine basis saves homeowners on utility costs, repair bills, and premature equipment replacement costs.

Save Yourself Some Frustration

Neglecting system maintenance, including cleaning or changing the air filter greatly, increases the likelihood of a break-down. It can also create other issues that might not cause the system to shut down entirely, but can still be inconvenient and frustrating to deal with

By making sure your system is well-maintained, you’re protecting the investment you made in your equipment. For more information about maintaining your system visit our website or call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating today at (205) 690-4145.