Many Hoover, AL homes are tightly sealed to prevent energy losses. However, inadequate ventilation can cause poor indoor air quality. It creates an environment that fosters the growth of microbes like viruses, algae, and bacteria that can cause illness. Here’s how UV lights can keep your home healthier:

What Are UV Lights?

UV-C lights destroy disease-causing pathogens by damaging their DNA and their ability to reproduce. Two types of UV lamps are used with HVAC systems. Coil sterilization lamps, also called UV sticks, are installed in your system’s return air ducts near the evaporator coil. They protect the interior of your HVAC equipment around the clock. Air sterilization UV lamps, on the other hand, sanitize indoor air as it passes through the system. Like UV sticks, these units are installed in the return air ducts. They operate whenever your HVAC cycles on.

Are UV Lamps Effective?

This technology can control the spread of infections in hospitals. A 2012 study at the Duke University Medical Center found that UV-C lights reduced the presence of drug-resistant bacteria in hospital rooms by 97 percent. In another study, UV germicidal lamps reduced fungal levels significantly in a commercial office building when compared to control units. The study was carried out over a four-month period.

Do UV-C Lights Have Other Benefits?

Ultraviolet lights are most effective in hot, humid locales like Hoover. They eliminate the musty, dirty-sock odor associated with organic growth. Because they keep your system’s evaporator coil clean, they can increase HVAC performance and efficiency while reducing utility bills. Studies show that even a thin layer of dirt on an evaporator coil increases energy usage by up to 21 percent.

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