Your air conditioner uses the condensation line to drain out the moisture it removes from indoor air. Without AC maintenance, this line can get clogged with dirt and organic growth. That leaves the moisture with nowhere to go, and it can wreak havoc on your Vestavia Hills, AL home. If you’re dealing with any of these scenarios, a blocked condensation drain may be the culprit:

Pooling Water and Water Damage

Water trapped in your air conditioner can overflow into your home. If there are puddles around your air conditioner’s indoor unit, it’s probably due to a clog. If the blockage isn’t cleared, this water can damage your home and furnishings. It can cause soggy, warped floors, as well as stained walls and ceiling leaks. It can damage your drywall and even threaten your home’s structural foundation. Leaks near electrical wiring can be dangerous, and the excessive moisture encourages the growth of microbes.

Organic Growth and Unpleasant Smells

The AC drain pan is located beneath the cooling coils to collect moisture. If water remains in the pan, organic growth can develop. Organic growth has a stale, musty odor, and it can produce millions of tiny, lightweight microbes. As air circulates through your AC, it carries off the microbes and distributes them throughout your home. Inhaling these contaminants can aggravate allergies and respiratory symptoms. If the blockage continues, this growth can migrate into the evaporator coil and eventually obstruct airflow.

Frozen Cooling Coils

Condensation drain blockages can cause water to back up into your system. If the moisture remains there for too long, it can freeze, and your cooling coils can freeze with it. Newer air conditioners are equipped with a safety sensor that shuts down the system if an overflow occurs.

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