We all know that air conditioning is one of the biggest home expenses of the summer. That’s why One Hour Air has compiled a list of ways to keep your home cool and help lower costs during the warmer months. Check out these easy solutions for beating the heat in your home. And remember – home comfort is only one call away. Your local One Hour Air technician is happy to explain home cooling options, from AC tune-ups to new system upgrades.

  1. Cover Windows: Whether you use a plastic insulating film or simply keep your curtains closed, covering windows in some way will keep the cool air in and the hot air out. You can even purchase curtains specifically designed to block out sunlight and heat.
  2. Close Unused Room Doors: Don’t waste your cool air on rooms you don’t use. By keeping guest rooms and attics closed off, you can conserve air conditioning for the spaces you’re in most often.
  3. Use Ceiling Fans: Make sure your ceiling fan is set to rotate counterclockwise to push air downward and create a wind-chill effect.
  4. Cook Outside: Not can you make great-tasting food on the grill, but you can also avoid introducing unnecessary heat into your home from the oven or stove.
  5. Use Exhaust Fans: Make sure you turn on the fans in your bathroom while taking a shower and use the hood vent over the stove when you cook. These are designed to pull hot air out of your home.

Aside from taking these measures to control the temperature inside your home, you can also take some measures to make your body feel cooler. Some ideas include:

  1. Take a Cool Shower: When you don’t have a swimming pool, a cold shower does just as well to lower your body temperature.
  2. Sip on a Cool Drink: Nothing beats a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea on a hot summer day.
  3. Switch Your Bedding: If you use flannel sheets and fleece blankets during the winter, you may want to try some lightweight cotton bedding instead. Sweat-wicking microfiber sheets are another option to stay cooler when you snooze.
  4. Adjust Your Diet: Take a break from heavy, hot foods and try recipes that can be served cold or at room temperature to help you stay comfortable and limit use of heating appliances.
  5. Fanning: For a quick fix, a good old fashioned hand fan can do the trick for creating a wind chill to help you feel cooler. If you don’t have a handheld fan, using a magazine or piece of cardboard does just as well for keeping air moving.

No matter how you choose to beat the heat this summer, any way you can reduce AC use can go a long way toward reducing your energy bill. Plus, if your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard, it’s less likely to have complications over time—leaving you with an efficient system you can rely on for years to come.

Ready to upgrade your cooling system? Contact One Hour Air to beat the heat once and for all!