As a Tennessee homeowner, you might wonder where to invest your money in your home renovation projects, large and small. Many times, homeowners can invest a ton of money, time, and planning into projects that don’t provide a return on that investment. So what projects can you take on in your home that would add to your home equity? While you might look to your kitchen, bathroom, or landscaping, upgrading your HVAC system is often a safe bet.

If you’re planning on selling your home, or just looking to make a wise investment for the long term, you’ll want to consider what improvements will add the most value. New buyers will definitely notice if your HVAC system is older or even broken.

Before you get started, you should consider a few factors before making upgrades. Not every available HVAC upgrade will make sense for your budget or return on investment.

What to consider before making making upgrades

As with any upgrade, before you make any changes to your HVAC system, evaluate your budget. HVAC upgrades run the gamut in price, and you’ll need to choose what makes sense for your current budget.

You should also evaluate your system and ask key questions, like:

  • How old is your system? A homebuyer will spot an aging or ready-to-be-replaced system. But if your system was installed less than 10 years ago, you probably have enough life left in the system. Consider how well your current system functions, as upgrades rather than a total overhaul might fit in that case.
  • Is your system a good fit for the space? Is it too small or too large for your square footage, and does it include the right features for your climate (central air instead of window units, etc.)?
  • Is your HVAC system energy efficient? Lower bills and environmentally-minded homebuyers are two reasons to consider this point.

Smart HVAC upgrades to add to your home equity

If you are considering HVAC upgrades with the express purpose of adding to home equity, we created a quick list of good places to start.

  1. Cleaning and repair: Remember that the best place to start is repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of your current system to keep it in working, efficient order. Scheduling maintenance as well as cleaning of your HVAC system, including your ductwork, are a good, low-cost place to start.
  2. Smart thermostat: Smart thermostats allow for scheduling for your heating and cooling, meaning homeowners can reduce energy costs and usage even while they sleep. Believe it or not, smart thermostats are one of the most desired features for homeowners.
  3. Humidifier/Dehumidifier: Controlling indoor humidity is a huge bonus for homeowners. High humidity is often a source of frustration for homeowners, especially in the Chattanoga area. Higher humidity can lead to higher cooling costs, air quality issues, and damage to household items. Installing a dehumidifier can keep humidity under control, year round.
  4. Air filtration: A number of air filtration options are available, including advanced furnace filters and whole-house air filters. If anyone in your family (or a prospective buyer) has allergies, upgrades to the air quality will enhance your value.
  5. Zoning system: As with a smart thermostat, zoning systems allow homeowners another level of control over their indoor temperatures, and are in demand. A zoning system reduces power consumption and minimizes hot and cold spots in your home.
  6. Completely new system: If your system is old, broken, or lacking key features like central air conditioning, you’ll want to consider installation of a brand new HVAC system. While replacement isn’t easy or cheap, it will pay off when looking to increase your home equity.

Upgrade your HVAC System in Chattanooga

If you’re looking to evaluate your options for HVAC upgrades, contact the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Chattanooga. Our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians can assess your current HVAC system and help you determine what makes sense for your home so you get the best return on your investment for your budget. They can also quickly and expertly install any ugprades you need, from thermostats to a brand new system. Contact the professional HVAC technicians at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning of Chattanooga to schedule your appointment today.