How Do You Check for Air Leaks?

Check for Air Leaks

Whether you are trying to lower your utility costs in an apartment or condo or are a homeowner, it all starts here. No matter how efficient your Energy Star appliances are, it will cost more to run them if you have drafts rolling through your home.

Hot air seeping through door frames in the summer, or cold air in the winter, both affect your bottom line on energy costs. How do you check for air leaks, though, when you aren’t an HVAC professional?

Do I Need a Professional To Check for Air Leaks?

There are a few ways to check for air leaks. Unfortunately, some of them require a professional to come because they use expensive equipment that laypeople aren’t going to have on hand. However, there are simple ways that you can check your home to find out where the air is coming in, so you can put less money out on keeping your home comfortable.

Expert Tips: How Do You Check for Air Leaks

There are two easy ways to check for air leaks in your home without calling in a professional. Both are the same, but one requires using fans to move air while the other needs a windy day. Both methods use an incense stick or punk stick to create smoke, which allows you to see the leaks.

If you live in a windy area, it may be easiest to wait for a windy day, then check for leaks. You can do this with one person easily. However, if you are using your home’s exhaust fans, or fans inside your home, to create a draft, you will need two people to check for leaks effectively.

ProTip: Punks have no scent added to them and are generally larger than incense sticks but burn the same way making them ideal for those sensitive to perfumes or strong odors.

Step By Step Guide To Check for Air Leaks

If using the windy day method, start by closing all exterior doors and windows and turn on your exhaust fans -- like in the bathroom. Next, grab your incense or punk stick.

If you are using fans indoors, you start the same way. However, you will also be placing fans in the doorways of rooms as you check the exterior windows and doors. The person outside should have the punk stick or incense.

  1. Move the punk or incense stick around the seams of doors and windows
  2. Look for areas that the smoke enters your home, or where the wind from outside causes it to move
  3. Write down your results, so that you can begin fixing the issues

Professional Help in Chattanooga Checking for Air Leaks

You don’t have to call a professional to help you look for leaks, but if you are looking for expert HVAC professionals, reach out to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Chattanooga. You can make an appointment for service today.