Humidity Management Tips


Controlling your home humidity is essential for preventing mold and deterioration of your belongings. Controlling humidity helps preserve your home and creates a more comfortable living space.

Consider these tips for humidity management in your home if you live in the Chattanooga area.

Expert Humidity Management Tips

Some of these tips are simple solutions to provide a little extra support for reducing humidity levels. Other factors can dramatically impact the humidity inside your home. Proper humidity levels can optimize your living-space environment.

Fix Leaky Plumbing

Leaky plumbing has a drastic impact on the humidity of the environment inside your home or business. When water leaks from these areas onto floors and surrounding structures, it makes a tremendous difference.

Leaky pipes and plumbing cause water to evaporate into your home's air and increase the moisture levels, which causes significant problems.

Remember, not only do leaky pipes cause mold to grow and spread through the house, but it also attracts pests and encourages walls and fixtures to break down over time.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running When the Humidity is High

If you live in the south, you'll likely experience humid days regularly during the year. It's crucial to keep your air conditioner running during the warm weather months to keep humidity low.

Set your thermostat to approximately 78 or less for the best results.

Don't turn your AC off and back on. Just let it run at a set temperature throughout the day and night, which will also help you save money.

Don't Take Long Steamy Showers

Take warm, brief showers rather than long, steamy showers. Reducing the temperature and length of showers is a great way to keep humidity levels down year round.

Hot showers can dramatically affect the humidity percentage in your home, especially if there are several people living in the home together.

Seal Air Ducts and Holes

If you have holes in your floor, ceiling or walls, be sure to seal them off tightly. This action alone will help keep your home less humid all year long.

This is also true for unused air ducts and holes in air ducts. You can save money on your electricity bill and prevent pests from entering your home too.

Use a Dehumidifier

If you're really having trouble with humidity in your area and you've done everything else you can do, try using a dehumidifier. They're sold at major retailers across the country and online.

Buy Moisture Absorbing Houseplants

An affordable and easy tip for reducing humidity is to buy moisture-absorbing plants. Many types, such as succulents and ferns, make an ideal addition to the home.

Humidity Help in Chattanooga

Try incorporating some or all of these tips to keep humidity levels down in the home to prevent issues and keep your spaces comfortable. Be sure to find out more by consulting your expert HVAC professionals of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Chattanooga. Make an appointment for service today to see how we can help keep your home comfortable, even with high humidity outside.