HVAC Trends to Look for in 2022

HVAC Trends to Look for in 2022

One way to increase the value of your home is to stay on top of current technology when it comes to home improvement. The last two years have made Americans more home-focused and this may become permanent for many families.


Today’s home buyers are more ecologically conscious than ever before. Homebuyers are looking for green homes, built with eco-friendly materials and designed for more sustainable operation.

The U.S. Green Building Council sets the standard for healthy and energy-efficient building design.


Commercial and institutional building engineers have paved the way for sustainable design. These technologies are quick to scale down to take advantage of the residential market.

Look for:

  • Green roofs with solar collection systems

  • Geothermal heat pumps for residential use

  • Insulation products made from recycled materials

Internet of Things

Smart Home systems have become must-have home gadgets. Expect to see more Smart hubs for environmental settings replacing programmable stand-alone units completely.


Expect to see more connectivity within homes and with the outside world, thanks to the growth of 5G. From indoor climate control to health monitoring, IoT is a trending player in home improvement.


Smart home HVAC systems utilize variable speed compressors and fans to make minute changes in operation for better efficiency.

These systems also employ sensor-controlled dampers within duct runs to adjust the air flow to every room in your house for precise control.


Large commercial facilities have utilized data collection to control HVAC systems for several decades. Expect to see more “Smart” HVAC systems for residential use offered in 2022.

Data analysis

These systems are designed to collect data from every room and learn to adjust automatically. They integrate with Smart home hubs to compare environmental data with resident schedules and adjust settings throughout the day for more energy-efficient operation.

Smart systems can sense and even predict mechanical failures before they occur. Remote monitoring also provides technicians with necessary data for fast and efficient repair.


Many homeowners would love the benefits of central heating and air, but unless they have a ducting in place, the cost can be inaccessible.

Expect to see ductless systems become more mainstream as their simplicity and ease of installation improves.

Air quality upgrades

Air purification is in high demand as the pandemic continues, and manufacturers launched UV-C sterilization units for installation into existing systems. Formerly, only hospitals and laboratories could access this technology with new builds.

Taking Advantage of New Technology

From Smart hubs to vent sensors to air purification stations, the HVAC trends for 2022 are all about improving the health and comfort of our homes and the planet.

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