With rising temperatures and longer days, you’re probably itching to get outdoors. But before you know it, it’s going to get hot. So, make sure you complete your spring checklist to ensure your HVAC system is ready for summer.

Indoor Tasks on Your Spring HVAC Checklist

Spring weather can be fickle. The good news is that there are checklist items for your HVAC system you can finish no matter the weather.

Change the air filter

If someone in your household has allergies or asthma, change your air filter monthly. Otherwise, scheduling it seasonally is a good way to remember, and it’s truly the best way to prevent breakdowns and energy waste.

Clean vents and registers

Include the air vents in your spring cleaning. Use a vacuum attachment to remove dust and dander from the ductwork and give your vent covers a good wash.

Clean ceiling fans

The blades on your ceiling fans accumulate a shocking amount of dust. Remove any buildup and wipe the blades down with a damp cloth. Remember to change the setting for cooling.

Change thermostat batteries and settings

Change out the batteries in your thermostat every six months. Fresh batteries help you avoid problems when you really need your AC.

Test the thermostat to make sure it changes to air conditioning seamlessly. If you have a programmable model, it’s also time to update the settings.

Clean evaporator coils

You may want to perform this task yourself. The evaporator coils are located in your indoor AC unit, usually located over the blower mower. Use a soft brush and coil cleaner.

Check the drain pan and line

Your AC removes moisture from the air in your home and condensate collects in a pan and drains outdoors. Ensure the pan is clean and draining properly. Use a shop vac to remove debris and a vinegar solution to clear the lines of algae.

Outdoor Spring Checklist Items

Now it’s time to move the project outdoors and make sure the line is draining.

Check drain line outlet

Check to ensure that the drain line is clear and nothing has entered the line. Flush it from inside or use a shop vac to remove debris.

Clean around the pad

Ensure the outdoor unit is cleared of debris, including any leaves, branches, or weeds.

Clean the condenser

You can clean out the condensing unit by removing the cover and vacuuming the fins to remove dirt and debris. You can also straighten the fins if they’ve been bent.

Make sure the outdoor unit is level

Your condensing unit needs to be level to ensure the proper flow of refrigerant throughout the piping. If the pad has been damaged or is sinking, it needs to be fixed.

While you can perform many of the above tasks yourself, don’t take on anything you don’t feel confident doing.

Instead, make an appointment today with the experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Chattanooga to perform any item on the spring checklist for your HVAC system.