Benefits of a Mini Split System

Benefits of a Mini Split System

Have you decided to finally enclose that sunroom? After all, it would add lot a lot of square footage to your home, increasing its value. The kids could even use it as a playroom. The only problem is that it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It sounds like it’s time you knew the benefits of a mini split system.

What is a Mini Split System?

You probably have a full-size split system in your home, which is used in most modern homes with central heat and air conditioning. The system is “split” into two parts—an evaporator and fan inside the home and a condensing unit outdoors.

A mini split is similar, just smaller in size. A mini split heats and cools the air in only one area or one room in your home.

The major benefit of a mini split system is that you can add heat and AC to a room without adding on to the existing system. You won’t have to tie-in any ductwork, and you won’t have to worry if your central system is large enough to handle the extra load.

Parts of a mini split system

A mini split system consists of an indoor air handler mounted in the room you want to heat and cool. It connects via electric wiring and refrigerant piping to an outdoor condenser/compressor unit and heat pump through the wall. These smaller systems have no ductwork and are often called “ductless mini splits.”

Mini splits can be controlled with a wall-mounted thermostat, but many also come with hand-held remotes and smartphone apps.

Primary Benefits of a Mini Split System

Investing in a mini split system has many advantages. If you’re considering making the switch or adding on to your home, there are several factors to consider.


One of the main benefits of a mini split system is flexibility. Because they condition the air in a limited space, they can be used for creating zones in your home with different heating and cooling requirements. Each has its own thermostat and control, which allows you to manage areas separately according to their usage. This saves on energy costs when compared to central systems that heat and cool the entire home.

Ease of installation

Mini splits are very easy to install. Most require no more than a 3-inch conduit hole to connect the air handler and the outdoor unit. This makes it simple for handy homeowners to add heat and air to room additions, finished basements, or attics.

Energy efficiency

A mini split system can help homeowners control their energy bills and impact on the environment. Because mini splits are ductless, there is no heat or cooling loss through the duct runs. Experts estimate that up to 30 percent of electricity consumption for air conditioning is lost in ductwork, particularly if they aren’t insulated.

Design options

The indoor air handler in a mini split offers more options when compared to adding a window unit or extending existing ductwork.

If you’re planning to add conditioning to rooms without windows, a window unit isn’t an option. However, you can install an air handler on a mini split to ensuite baths, media rooms, or any other room that needs temperature and humidity control. Some systems allow up to four air handlers for each outdoor unit.

There may not be sufficient space to install ductwork to existing runs. Interstitial spaces in your home can be too crowded with pipes and wiring to make ductwork extension practical.

Custom comfort

The number of multigenerational families living in the same household has doubled since 1971. The return to several generations living in the same home is on trend, and many homeowners make modifications to provide long-term comfort for all family members.

Infants and the elderly often require better air quality and temperature control than other family members. Some homeowners have home businesses or hobbies that require isolated rooms with exacting temperature requirements.

Alternatively, some families of empty nesters have rooms that are rarely occupied. Finished basements and attics may only need conditioned air for parties or houseguests.

Wall mounted heating and AC units allow you to control heating and cooling to specific settings in specific zones, creating customized temperature and humidity zones. It also allows you to reduce your energy costs by reducing heat and cooling to unoccupied areas of your home.

You’ll need to determine whether or not the cost of installation will provide a return on investment with savings on energy and increased comfort.

Make an appointment today with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Chattanooga to help you with the math. Our expert technicians can provide an estimate of costs vs. savings so you can decide if the benefits of a mini split system are exactly what you need for your home.