Prepare Your HVAC for Winter with Preventative Maintenance

Preparing your HVAC system for winter

Winter is in full swing, and you might feel the chill in your bank account and in the air. However, properly maintaining your home’s HVAC system for winter with preventative maintenance could remove some of the stings.

Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips: Upkeep Made Easy

Unsure how to get the HVAC system ready for the winter? There are a few easy things to do that will not dent your wallet or be too time-consuming.


Here are some ways you can prepare your HVAC system yourself:

  • Winterize the outdoor AC unit
    Remove debris from trees, grass clippings, bugs, dust, and dirt, and make sure the unit is dry before the rain, snow, or freezing temperatures arrive. It is also a good idea to shut down the power supply to the AC's electrical unit to prevent it from accidentally starting on warmer winter days.

    Also, a waterproof cover for the outdoor unit can keep moisture from building up over the winter month.

  • Change air filters and clean vents
    The pros say one of the most common ways an HVAC system can break down is from dirt and dust accumulating in the filters. Check the air filters every month, and be sure to replace the filters regularly.

    Be sure to keep the vents clean, too. Too much dust can cause inefficient airflow and blockages.

  • Turn down the heat …
    When you need it least. Energy Saver suggests setting your thermostat to 68 degrees when you are home and at least 10 degrees lower at night when you are sleeping and when you are away during the day. There is no sense in heating an empty house; this trick can save you a lot of money.

  • Check the furnace in the summer
    Go ahead and fire up the furnace a few times in the summer and let it reach the “wintertime temperature” before turning it off. You don’t want to be surprised when winter arrives and the furnace is not working.

  • More insulation
    Consider hiring an HVAC pro to inspect your home to check for insulation deterioration and replace what is necessary. Another good idea is to check for drafty doors and windows and consider if a weather strip will solve the problem.

Professional Help to Prepare Your HVAC System for the Winter

Regular maintenance appointments with an HVAC professional in the spring and winter can help ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, the professional can check for not-so-noticeable things like leaky ductwork, strange odors, or noises.

A little bit of HVAC Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Don’t overspend by overheating your house this winter when a little diligence can lower the heating bills.


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