AC units can fail for several reasons at any given time. As a reputable provider of emergency central air repair services in Sussex County, DE, our team has pooled together some tips for our customers to keep cool while they wait for an AC technician to arrive.

Use a Fan

If the AC has failed, but you still have power, fans can provide an immediate welcome relief until the AC is up and running again. However, keep in mind that by placing box fans back towards the wall, the heat that the fan produces will blow backward towards you, generating more heat. To optimize the potential of your fan, place it at the entrance of the room that you want to cool and point the fan inwards. This will allow heat to dissipate outside the room while helping you to enjoy the fan’s cooling effects.

Keep the Windows Closed

Although it seems like a great idea to open the windows and cool down the house, it’s not recommended to open them on a very hot day. During daylight hours, the sun’s rays will be at their strongest. By leaving the windows open, they’ll heat your home and make the building stuffy and uncomfortable. If you want to open your windows, do it a night because it can aid in keeping your home cooler until the sun comes up again.

Closing windows is just one simple way you can keep your home cooler, whether you need to cope with a broken AC or you want to enhance the effects of a working one. Watch this quick video for a few easy home maintenance “hacks”:

Stay Hydrated and Rethink Your Cooking

Although this seems obvious, the value of cold beverages is often overlooked. After all, water helps to keep our body temperature down when things heat up! If the heat becomes excessive, we also recommend dipping a towel in water and placing this around your neck or across your forehead.

Furthermore, if you were planning to use your stove for cooking, this would only increase the temperatures throughout your home. Therefore, we recommend utilizing an outdoor grill in the warmer months, as this will keep the heat outside until your AC is fixed. Alternatively, a fresh salad or some take-out will help to keep the inside of your property nice and cool!

Switch the Lights Off

During the daytime, switch off as many lights as possible. When lighting is needed, try and be selective in your choice of lamps. LED and CFL bulbs emit the lowest levels of heat, while incandescent lights generate the most.

For more information, or to schedule emergency AC repair in Sussex County, DE, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!