Keep Your Home’s Air Clean This Summer with Indoor Air Quality & Repair

For those who suffer from breathing difficulties, caused by asthma, obesity, and other health conditions, summer can be a dangerous time of year. That’s because air quality is often at its worst during the summer months, and can be even worse indoors than outdoors. Children and senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to airborne contaminants, but you can protect your family with help from One Hour Heating & Air, located in Berlin, MD. 

Before we tell you about solutions, let’s talk about some things that might be in the air that you and your family are breathing at this very moment:

Ragweed, Pollen, and Other Allergens

One of the biggest reasons that spring and summer are the generally worst times of the year for air quality is that this time of year is also allergy season. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, you know all too well what these particles can cause, and probably want to do something to avoid having them in your home.  


Here’s a pop quiz. You’ve seen dust before, and you’ve probably breathed some in at some point, but what is it made of?

A. Human skin cells

B. Plant pollen

C. Fibers from clothing

D. Human hairs

The answer, as gross as it may sound, is all of the above. All of these substances can combine to form dust particles, and as you may have suspected already, dust is obviously something you want to avoid breathing

Biological Growth

These pollutants can include anything from bacteria and mold to pet dander and insect droppings. 

Household Chemical Vapors

Your carpeting, furniture, paints, and cleaning supplies, as well as the fumes from your car, can all put vapors into your air. You won’t see them, but if you experience breathing difficulties, you’ll know they’re there. 

Solutions from One Hour Heating & Air

MicroPower Guard® Installation

This filter captures 97% of particles from the air.

OxyQuantum® UV Air Cleaner Installation

Filters can’t capture everything. Bacteria, for example, does not exist in particle form, so this device uses UV light to remove bacteria from the air. 

We also perform duct cleanings (so that your central air system doesn’t add to the problem by distributing pollutants throughout your home) and duct sealing (to fix holes in your ductwork that can allow unwanted fumes and gases to enter your home).

Worried about the quality of your home’s air? One Hour Heating & Air can help. Be sure to look at our special offers, including a $10-off coupon on an air quality inspection that expires on August 31, 2019.