How Do Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners Differ?

HVAC System Repairs, Installations, and Maintenance

In the summer months when your home needs cooling down, heat pumps and air conditioners do the same thing. They work to remove heat from your home and release it outside so that you can relax.

In colder weather, when homes require heating, traditional AC units are not suitable. For this reason, residential and commercial spaces often utilize furnaces or electric heaters. Heat pumps are useful because they can provide heating as well as cooling for homes or workplaces. They do this by removing heat from the outside of a building and releasing it on the inside.

One of the extraordinary things about heat pumps is their ability to create heat from the cold air outside by absorbing and transferring heat energy.

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Advantages of Owning a Heat Pump

Less Expensive and Better for the Environment

Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient, meaning that home and business owners will benefit from saving on their utilities by switching to using a heat pump. Also, they don’t consume fossil fuels, making them more eco-friendly and safer for the future of the planet.

One System to Maintain

Heat pumps have low operational costs if they are the sole provider of heating and cooling within a building. This is because only one system is in place that will need to be maintained.

Heat Pump Disadvantages

Less Effective in Colder Climates

Compared to AC units, heat pumps lose efficiency when the weather gets colder. The colder the outside air is, the less heat energy there is available for absorption, therefore if it’s cold for an extended period, operating costs will increase.

Houses May Need Secondary Heat Sources

If you are facing a long and cold winter, you may have to buy additional heaters as the heat pump may become too costly for the amount of heat that it’s able to provide. This is a significant disadvantage compared to an AC system that heats as well as cools.

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