Maximize Your HVAC Efficiency Using Air Vent Deflectors

Maybe you’ve rearranged the room in your head seven times now, and there’s no way to fit all your furniture without blocking the air vent. Perhaps your fridge constantly blows warm air over the AC vent. Maybe your heat just doesn’t go where you need it when winter weather hits Denver. What now?

How to Redirect Airflow from a Vent

You don’t have to suffer through a room that won’t heat or cool efficiently. Baseboard and wall air vent deflectors, also called air vent diverters, can shift airflow to blow out from below or behind furniture that blocks the regular vent. Simply attach the curved plastic deflector to your vent and adjust the angle as necessary.

Do Vent Deflectors Work?

Yes! Vent deflectors are a simple way to redirect blocked airflow. They can redirect air blocked by furniture, push AC away from appliances that give off heat, or direct the air to the area of the room you use the most. Install vent deflectors over vents near windows to maximize your heating and cooling. Air tends to leak the most near windows, so directing the treated air further into the room helps avoid this loss.

How to Divert Air From a Floor Vent or Wall Vent

Floor vents are the most common candidates for air deflectors, with wall vents close behind. Both deflectors are usually made of curved plastic that can be adjusted to the width of your vent. Many use magnets to attach to metal vents, so you don’t even need a tool to install them.

Wall vents usually angle upwards to distribute air from floor level to the rest of the room. This is useful for pushing cooled air upwards into the room before it sinks. Floor vents direct air to blow horizontally into the room rather than directly upward. Because warm air rises, this works best for heating rooms that are usually cold.

How to Redirect an Air Vent Under Your Bed or Sofa

A simple curved deflector may not be enough to push air out from underneath a sofa or bed. If you have a large piece of furniture blocking your vent, opt for an extendable deflector. Run these longer plastic shields from the vent to the edge of the bed, sofa, or other furniture.

Does Closing Vents Redirect Air?

Unfortunately, closing vents reduces airflow throughout your system and can overheat or freeze parts of your HVAC rather than directing air where you want it. Luckily, air deflectors are relatively inexpensive. They range from around $6 to $30, making them an affordable solution for airflow problems.

Fix Heating and Cooling Problems at the Source

Not every issue with your HVAC has such a simple fix. A system that struggles to heat in the cold Denver winter or cool off your home when temperatures soar may indicate a deeper problem than a blocked vent. If you continue to have heating and cooling issues throughout your home, contact the experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver. We can replace an old or struggling air conditioner or heating system. Call us at (303) 622-3401 or schedule an appointment online to get started.