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Denver Heating Installation and Replacement

When the cold comes to Denver, you need a heater that can combat it, no questions asked. Even with diligent maintenance and care, heaters have a limited lifespan. When your heater finally breaks down, replace it with some help from the pros at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver. Our expert technicians have the skills and tools to ensure that your new heater is installed quickly.

Heater Installation for Your Denver Home

Our team of local experts can install most heating systems. We tailor our installations and recommendations to your heating needs, budget, and priorities. We install:

  • Boilers. Boilers use hot water to heat a room, keeping the space warm through in-room radiators or heating coils below the floor. We install and service gas boilers.

  • Furnaces. By far the most common home heating option, we install gas furnaces to keep you warm in the Denver winter. Furnaces are forced-air systems and require vents and ductwork to heat your home.

  • Air-source heat pumps. A heat pump installation is ideal for efficiency-minded homeowners who want to benefit from heat and AC in one system. Heat pumps can also be used in tandem with a woodstove or traditional furnace.

Once you choose what system you want, we’ll begin the installation process to get your heat up and running in no time. If your heater gives out the middle of winter, schedule emergency HVAC services to get things heating up again fast.

Signs You Need a Heater Replacement in Denver

Recognizing the signs of a failing heater can help you respond quickly and schedule a replacement before your broken system leaves you shivering. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend repairs or a replacement, based on your system’s condition.

If you notice these signs, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver to inspect your heating system:

  • An odd smell is coming from your vents or heater.

  • Your vents emit cold or lukewarm air.

  • You need to readjust the thermostat constantly.

  • The heater has trouble starting or doesn’t turn on.

  • The heater won’t turn off.

  • The heater quickly cycles between on and off (short-cycling).

  • The pilot light for a gas heater is discolored (not blue) or won’t stay lit.

  • Your heater is extremely noisy when it runs.

  • Vents blow dust, mold, or other debris when the heat runs.

  • Your carbon monoxide detector alerts you to a leak.

  • Your system needs constant repairs.

  • Energy bills are spiking, even though the cost of heating hasn’t gone up.

  • Your system is old; furnaces last 15-20 years when maintained, boilers last 30 years, and heat pumps last 10-15 years.

Your Local Pros for Heating Installation in Denver

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver has the expertise you can rely on to help you choose the best heater for you and get it installed quickly. Our expert technicians are trained on the latest industry standards and know all the modern systems and Colorado regulations. Heat your home through the winter with a brand-new heater you can trust. Call (303) 622-3401 or book an appointment online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of heating system is best for Denver?

Denver’s cold climate is ideal for a furnace or a cold-rated heat pump with a furnace backup. Low Denver propane and natural gas prices make gas-fired furnaces appealing. However, gas furnaces carry the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and use less renewable energy than electric furnaces and heat pumps do. We’ll provide you with a recommendation for the heating system that best matches your needs.

What is the most efficient heating system?

Cold-rated heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating systems in cold climates like Denver’s. They’re more energy-efficient than electric and gas-fired furnaces and boilers. They use less electricity to achieve the same temperature as a furnace or boiler does. Plus, they can also efficiently cool your home in the summer!

How much does it cost to replace a heater?

Costs will vary based on the specifics of the job, including:

  • Heater type

  • Heater size

  • Heater weight

  • Installation equipment needed

  • Additional construction (i.e., adding ductwork for forced air or installing under-floor coils for a boiler)

Related Services

  • Extend the lifespan of your system with regular heater maintenance to combat the wear and tear of Denver’s long heating season.

  • Make sure your heater can reach every corner of your home with an air handler installation to boost forced-air systems.

  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat when you install a modern heater to make your system even more energy efficient.

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