Common AC Problems and How To Fix Them

Air vent

An air conditioning system that is functioning at peak efficiency is a necessity to keep any Florida household cool and comfortable. There are some common AC problems, however, that occur from time to time that usually can be repaired with a simple fix that doesn’t require the services of an HVAC technician.

 It’s important for homeowners to know that there are some things that they can check themselves before scheduling a repair appointment to save time and money.

Cooling Problems

 If your air conditioning system doesn’t seem to be cooling at the proper temperatures, check to ensure that the circuit breaker hasn’t automatically flipped or if there is a blown fuse at the fuse box that needs replacement. The next step is to check to see that the air filter isn’t clogged, which is one of the most common reasons why air conditioners may run but not feel like they are cooling the house properly.

Make sure that the air conditioning window unit is turned off before locating the filter for replacement. For a whole-house-system, check your user’s instruction manual to see whether or not you have a filter installed that can be washed and reinserted. If you need to invest in a brand new clean filter once the old filter becomes dirty, then that might be the best option.

Dirty Coil

Another common problem is having the air conditioner switch off before the room seems to be cool enough. This condition is often caused by dirty coil fins and can be easily corrected by turning off the power to the unit. You just locate the coils, which are situated on either side of the unit or right behind the front cover, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and debris.

Many homeowners purchase a fin comb from their local hardware store and keep it handy to use to straighten out the coil fins so that their air conditioning system works at peak efficiency.

If your air conditioner develops a sudden rattling noise, shut it down and check to see if there are any loose screws that need tightening. Rattling noises can also be caused by a fan belt that needs lubricating.

Once you’ve tried a quick fix and your air conditioner still isn’t performing at its best, contact the experts at One Hour Air to schedule a service appointment.

Homeowners should never attempt to disassemble an air conditioner themselves or try to remove any part other than the air filter. Malfunctioning thermostats and other major problems should be checked out by a well-trained professional technician for the best results.