What is an Air Conditioning Capacitor?

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An air conditioning capacitor is an essential component of an air conditioning unit and is necessary for effective cooling performance. Every air conditioner is different and the air conditioning capacitor may vary. One system may only have one capacitor, while another could have several. Capacitors are often located on circuit boards. Air conditioning capacitors have a variety of functions listed below.

Function of Capacitor in Air Conditioner

Compressor Motor Capacitor: This air conditioning capacitor usually consists of two capacitors that are combined. This vital capacitor gets the motor running in the air conditioning unit.

Start Capacitor: This capacitor provides auxiliary support and that is not a standard on every air conditioning unit. It can give the motor a boost to get it started.

Indoor Blower Motor Capacitor: This capacitor is self-explanatory. It is responsible for starting the indoor-blower-motor and keeping it running efficiently.

Outdoor Fan Motor Capacitor: The name says it all for this capacitor. It starts the outdoor fan and keeps the air flowing through the coils that run on the outside of an air conditioner.

What Does An AC Capacitor Do?

AC Capacitors keep everything running the way that it should in an air conditioning unit. If one capacitor fails, the rest of the system can have a major problem. When more than one has a glitch, it means no more refreshing cool air. For any home or business owner, keeping a comfortable climate during those warm months is absolutely a must, especially in areas where air conditioning may be needed year-round. When a problem arises with a system, the air conditioning capacitor will be one of the first things that will be examined.

Having Problems With Your Air Conditioning Capacitor?

When issues arise with an air conditioning capacitor, it shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project. Injury from electric shock could result. Call in the HVAC experts at One Hour Heating and Air to assess the problem and find a solution.

It is also recommended to have regular maintenance of an air conditioning unit. This is an excellent way to head trouble off at the pass before a unit fails to function when it is needed most. HVAC technicians will make sure everything is in order, check all air conditioning capacitors, and address any repair issues. Healthy air conditioning capacitors will mean cool conditions when it’s time to beat the heat.