How Regular Heat Pump Maintenance Can Prevent Future Disaster

Heating pump

Heat pumps are a great appliance for homeowners looking to save on energy costs. A heat pump, when working properly, saves on energy costs and is far more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. When neglected, however, a heat pump quickly becomes costly, loud, and inefficient. Regular heat pump maintenance is necessary to avoid the need for replacement and to keep the pump running efficiently.

It is recommended that heat pumps are inspected every one to two years. This may sound like a lot, but regular inspection increases the chances that problems are detected early. Many heat pump malfunctions are barely noticeable at first. If left untreated, these issues can lead to major repair bills or a broken heat pump. Regular inspection is the only way to ensure that a heat pump is running at an optimum level.

Easy Heat Pump Maintenance

One of the easiest ways that an owner can keep a heat pump running efficiently is with regular filter replacements. By changing the filter, the inner workings of the pump will remain free of potentially harmful dust and debris. Dirty machines are prone to major problems and expensive repair costs. During regular inspections, a technician should be able to offer the best advice on how often the filter should be changed. By taking into account the individual unit, the unit’s age, and the amount of time it is running, the professional will be able to share the best ways to increase longevity and boost the efficiency of the heat pump.

Regular inspections and regular filter changes should keep the heat pump running smoothly, but there are times when unexpected problems occur. In the event that there is a sudden fluctuation in temperature or the heat pump starts making loud squeaking or grinding noises, contact a professional immediately. Heat pumps have complicated electrical components and often contain harmful materials. Mistakes could be very dangerous, so repairs should be left to professionals.

It is estimated that a heat pump saves an average of 30-40 percent on a home’s energy bill. This cost savings falls drastically when the heat pump is neglected. Even worse, ignoring a heat pump for too long could lead to a completely broken appliance and a house in desperate need of climate control. Regular heat pump maintenance is the only way to avoid major issues and repair costs.