7 Ways You Can Prolong the Life of Your AC Unit

AC Unit

On average, a good-quality air conditioner has a lifespan that ranges anywhere from 15-20 years.  As you know, replacing your AC unit can be quite costly, so you want to do all that you can to prolong the life of your air conditioner. Here are 10 actions you can take to keep your AC unit long lasting.

#1: Keep Your Condenser Clean

The condenser is the cooling part of your AC unit, which is located outside of your home. Make sure you keep your shrubs trimmed, because sometimes grass clippings and other outside debris can get into your condenser. By keeping these clippings cleared out of your condenser, your AC unit will run more efficiently.

#2: Help Your AC Remain Cool

It’s recommended that you plant bushes or small trees between the sun and your air conditioning unit. When you keep the direct sunlight away from your AC unit, you’ll reduce your air conditioner’s work.

#3: Regularly Clean Your Air Conditioner

If you aren’t sure how to clean your AC unit, check the manual instructions for your unit. Typically, you can use a hose and a broom to clean out the dirt and leaves that are trapped inside your AC system. Your coils can be easily damaged, so be careful when you’re cleaning around them. Make sure your air conditioner’s power is turned off prior to cleaning it.

#4: Frequently Change Your AC Filters

Usually, you should be changing out your air filters somewhere between every 30-60 days; although, when you should change your air filters usually depends on how often you run your AC unit.

#5: Keep Things Away From Your Cooling Vents

Keep furniture and other objects away from your AC unit.   That way you are providing a clear path for the cool air to circulate throughout your room.  By doing this, you are giving your AC system a break on the amount of energy it requires.

#6: Try Alternative Methods to Cool Your Home

In your home, get a few ceiling fans installed to improve your air circulation. Also, you can block out heat from the sun with blinds and drapes.

#7: Have Annual AC Tune-Ups

It’s important that you have professional tune-ups done annually. With annual tune-ups, professionals can point out potential problems your AC unit may face sooner, rather than later. Also, yearly tune-ups can keep the energy efficiency of your air conditioner at its best.