How Can You Be More Energy Efficient at Home?

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In our daily lives, we are constantly encouraged to be aware of the amount of energy we are consuming. Therefore, living a lifestyle that’s energy-efficient —doing the same amount of work using less energy—is a step in the right direction. Here are a few ways you can be more energy efficient in your home.

#1: Make Investments on Your Water Heater

Install both a programmable thermostat and a timer on your water heater. The times you leave your house, try turning your A/C or heater either off or down. For warmer months when you aren’t home, you should program your thermostat to a higher temperature. Also, if you are gone in months that are colder, lower your thermostats’ temperature. Make sure you apply this to your water heater, as well. When you aren’t at your house, avoid heating your water. It’s recommended that if you can, you should purchase a tankless water heater.

#2: Frequently Change Your A/C Filter

Make sure that you change out your air conditioner filter each month so that it continues to run effectively. If you change your A/C filter monthly, you are preventing wear and tear on your air conditioning system. Additionally, try arranging your furniture so that it doesn’t block off your air vents. All in all, the fresher(how is the A/C fresh?) your air conditioner is, the more energy you are saving.

#3: Purchase a New Refrigerator

In your home, your refrigerator is the appliance that uses the most of your energy. Over the past decade, changes have constantly been made in the efficiency of each refrigerator. A few years back, an energy-efficient refrigerator held up to 20% savings in energy.  However, refrigerators can now conserve up to 40% of energy. If you haven’t updated your refrigerator to a newer, more energy-efficient one, we recommend you do that soon.

#4: Take the Solar Approach

To cut out heat, put some solar shades on the outside of all the windows in your home. Since we live in Florida, the climate tends to be extremely hot and humid, so you should put something on the exterior of your windows. Light is reflected and energy is saved.

#5: Add Some Shady Landscaping

Believe it or not, putting in some shady landscaping can help you become more energy efficient. If you plant a tree or some vegetation outside of a large window, this can help shade your home from intense sun rays and cold gusts of wind. Also, when you plant native plants that require a little amount of water, you not only reduce your energy consumption, but you reduce your water bill and lower the monthly amount you pay for your home.