Spring Cleaning Tips

lady cleaning

The spring season is blossoming and that calls for a much needed spring cleaning. It tends to be quite overwhelming to clean your house from top to bottom, especially those little nooks and crannies that you can easily miss. Want to make sure you are getting all the right places in your home? Here are some places you often miss while cleaning that you should keep an eye out for.

#1: Your Air Ducts

The air you’re breathing in around your home should always be fresh.  If your ducts contain a great build-up of debris, allergens can release into your home.  To prevent buildup, shut off your air-conditioner and run the crevice tool of your vacuum over both your baseboard and floor vents. Then, with a screwdriver, remove the vent covers and wash them with dish soap, using a small spongy paintbrush that can reach the small nooks in your vents. As far as you can reach, clean the inside ducts with the crevice tool on your vacuum. Replace these covers when your vent covers dry.

#2: The Blades of Your Ceiling Fan

With all the dust and debris that gets on top of your ceiling fan blades, you should be glad that you can’t see the tops of your blades. Although the dirt on your fan blades may not be completely visible, the built up particles of dust and dirt circulate around your room every time you turn on your fan. To treat this, use a Swiffer duster with a handle that extends, and clean the blades of your ceiling fan—especially the tops. If your blades have an overload of debris on top of them, spray a pillowcase with cleaning liquid and use that to clean your blades.

#3: Under Your Rug

Kicking dirt under your rugs may not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but it can definitely catch up to you later. Roll up your rug and take it outside. Make this a fun chore for your kids; hang your rug on clothesline and then let them beat the rug with an old tennis racket. While they’re doing that, sweep up the dust that managed to collect on your floor—where your rug was lying.

#4: The Tops of Your Picture Frames

You love to put picture frames on your walls and tables, but when was the last time you dusted the tops of your frames off? The tops of picture frames can collect TONS of dust. Luckily, cleaning your picture frames is fairly simple. Take a damp sponge with some cleaning spray, and run it along the top of each frame—this will make a huge difference.