How Air Conditioning Improves Employee Productivity

office cubicles

You’ve more than likely experienced the woes of a broken or lagging AC once or twice. A poorly-air conditioned room or office is frustrating and it can make it hard to concentrate on anything else, which is especially problematic in the workplace. Well, air-conditioned buildings aren’t only more comfortable than those that aren’t, but they also make for a more productive work environment. Here are some of the ways AC can improve employee productivity:

A Comfortable Environment

We all prefer a comfortable environment, but did you know that a comfortable environment can drastically improve employee productivity? If employees aren’t comfortable in the workplace, studies show that their productivity significantly decreases. Specifically, if the workplace is too warm, employees tend to feel sleepy and irritable which makes it harder for them to concentrate. A 2013 study by Industrial Distributors found that for every 1.8-degree temperature rise above 77 degrees, productivity decreases by 2%. When temperatures were lowered and employees were comfortable, productivity drastically increased.

Halts Health Issues

While combating the Florida heat is a way to improve employee productivity, it’s possible to make the workplace too cold. When indoor temperatures are too cold, productivity is decreased too because employees are focused on feeling uncomfortable. What’s worse is that employees are more likely to come down with “sick building syndrome”—a condition where cold temperatures irritate the respiratory system. Temperatures that are too cold can lead to other issues like dry eyes and dry skin. Even an ailment as minor as dry eyes can cause a huge decrease in employee productivity and could possibly lead to sick days off from work.

Although an air conditioning system is expensive, the benefits of having AC in the workplace outweigh the costs. While these issues may seem minor, no air conditioning in the workplace can lead to crankier employees and an all-around unpleasant work environment. Maintaining temperatures so that they go unnoticed is a great way to improve employee productivity and make everyone a little happier. One Hour Air Largo knows how important air conditioning is to you, your employees, and your business. If you need any AC assistance, call the professionals at One Hour Air Largo today!