Strange Facts You Never Knew About HVAC Systems

movie screen

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that many of us don’t even think twice about. According to the United States Census Bureau, around 87% of homes now have air conditioning, but ACs weren’t always ubiquitous. While you might expect HVAC talk to be less-than-entertaining, air conditioning is actually pretty interesting. Here of some of the strangest facts about HVAC systems.

Movie theaters were one of the first places to have artificially-cooled air.
During the summer months, movie houses were faced with unbearably high temperatures. To combat the heat, movie theaters dished out money to crank AC. This made people flock to the theaters to escape the heat and actually drove the movie industry!

You can thank pre-AC life for summer vacation. During the summer months, most teachers found it completely unbearable to teach. The government also worried that students and teachers in hot, cramped corridors would be a breeding ground for disease. For these reasons, they decided to forgo school entirely in the hottest months and summer vacation was born. But what about post-AC? Well, the introduction of modern air conditioning luckily didn’t affect summer break.

Air conditioning has helped society make profound advances in technology and medicine. Yep, you can thank AC for a wide range of societal advances. Computer manufacturing and data storage have been advanced by AC as well as the large-scale production, delivery, and storage of food. Air conditioning is also to thank for prolonging the lives of humans. Artificially-cooled air has made the invention of many new medicines possible.

HVAC systems have made us less tolerant to heat. The human body is extremely adaptable but many of us have grown dependent on air conditioning. As a result, humans have become less tolerant of hot temperatures. AC influences our daily routines, too. In a world without AC, we’d probably spend less time indoors. We’d likely wake up earlier, nap more, and drink lots of sweet tea on our porches. Although this doesn’t sound too bad, we’ll stick to our artificial air.

HVAC systems have come a long way since the early 1900s and have picked up some interesting facts along the way. If you’d like to read more interesting blogs on HVAC systems, click here, or call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Largo for any of your HVAC needs.