Why You Should Appreciate Your Air Filter

air filter

The air filter is possibly the most neglected and underappreciated part of our air conditioning units. Your HVAC system, like the condenser unit or the air handler, often overshadows the filter. Those are the parts that have all the power, and that also controls the airflow, so why should you care about the wimpy little filer? Your air filter does more than you think. Learn why you should love air filters!

They Keep Us Healthy

Our AC does a great job at keeping us cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just bring in air. It can also circulate harmful airborne allergens! These can make your family sick, and worsen existing conditions such as asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Luckily, our air filters can keep us in good health! A clean filter will prevent many of these airborne illnesses from ever reaching your home, keeping you and your family healthy.

They Keep Our Homes Clean

You dust and dust, but it always comes back? Do you ever wonder what’s causing these never-ending dust bunnies? The answer may be in your AC. A dirty air filter means a dirty house. The air filter’s job is to prevent all the nasty stuff from reaching your home. If the air filter is dirty, it can’t do this. Your home will gather dust quickly, and you’ll be constantly cleaning.

They Save Us Money

All homeowners are looking for a way to save some extra money! Changing your air filter can help. When you have a dirty air filter, air cannot flow through, and your AC has to work overtime. This means more money in cooling costs! Change your filters every month to cut down on your energy cost and keep your home cool!

Love Your Air Filters!

Show some air filter love, and be sure to change or clean your filter at least once a month. Your home will be glad you did! For more tips on how to keep your home clean and comfortable, as well as more money-saving tips, be sure to check out our AC blogs here. And for more information on your AC, give us a call at One Hour Air Largo! We’ll keep your system running, and your home cool! Call us today and remember, we’re always on time… or you don’t pay a dime!