Why Your Ductwork Is in Danger

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When it comes to our home’s comfort, no part of our HVAC system is more important than the ductwork. It is our duct’s job to deliver the cool, refreshing air that keeps the entire house comfortable. However, when that air stops coming, it could be because of damages to your ductwork. Damaged ducts can lead to loss of airflow, higher energy bills and poor air quality. Here are just some of the most common causes of damaged ductwork.


If you’ve recently updated your AC unit, but not your ductwork, it might be causing more damage than you think. Your air ducts may have been working fine with your old unit, but with a new, more powerful system, your ducts won’t be able to keep up. Soon, holes and leaks will form, and you’ll be left wondering why you brand new system isn’t cooling your home like it should. To prevent this issue, always replace your ducts at the same time you replace the rest of your system.


Critters love to crawl up into your air ducts. These unwelcome guest chew through your ductwork, rendering your cooling system ineffective. Even worse, these animals can become trapped in your duct system, causing a foul odor to erupt from you vents. The best way to protect your home from these pesky critters is by animal proofing your attic and vents. That way you can stop the critters from ever getting in and saving a lot of time and money in repairs.

Human Error

It’s a fact of life: humans aren’t perfect. And when we go up in our attics, we can often damage our system without even meaning to. We step on, knock into or dent our air ducts without taking notice. It’s no one’s fault, but it happens. However, when working up in your attic, or allowing others in there, makes sure you know where your air ducts are, and take precautions not to harm them.

Don’t Let Leaky Ducts Get You Down

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