Tips on Making Your Heater Work Properly


Florida weather has been so unpredictable lately: one day it’s cold, one day it’s hot. With Groundhog Day nearing, it’s a possibility that the Groundhog will see its shadow and bring us six more weeks of winter. If this is the case, here are some helpful tips on how to make sure your heater is working correctly.

Window and Door Leaks

Make sure your doors and windows don’t have broken seals or leaks around them, because this allows cold air to escape into your home. Leaks and seals also let the warm air escape out of your house, resulting in a higher risk for your heater to wear out, due to frequent use.

Turn It On Early

If you know a cold snap is coming, don’t wait until the last minute to turn on your heater. Turn your heater on a few days prior, that way if you have any issues that need to be resolved, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment before the cold weather kicks in.

Clean and Replace Your Filters

Since heater filters trap dirt, pollen, dust, etc., filters help keep your home clean and allergy-free. Most heating systems require filters, so it’s important that you clean your filter before you turn on your heater.  If your furnace uses disposable filters, replace them accordingly.

Give Your Heater Space

It’s essential that your heater receive enough air. Make sure that the area around your heater isn’t being blocked by furniture, or anything that could potentially block out air from entering the unit. Having things around your furnace is also very dangerous, and can be a fire hazard.

Clean Your Heat Coil

If you aren’t aware, the heat coil is a very significant part of a heater. Before turning on your furnace, make sure it’s completely disconnected from a power source, then take a wet rag and clean the heat coil.  You don’t want to deal with a less effective heater, so definitely keep this piece clean.

Keep Vents and Ducts Cleaned

If ducts or vents in your heating system are dirty, this will prevent the proper airflow, which is needed for an effective heater. Vacuum out the dirt or dust, and clean vent covers with a wet cloth. This will benefit your airflow, and will help avoid allergies.